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  1. This problem still exists. Clipper 6.0.6, Safari 7.0.1, Mavericks 10.9.1 The workaround is to open a new tab and try the frozen site again - connections work the second time. Then the first (frozen) tab can be closed
  2. I get an error message: Your browser settings conflict with Evernote: try restoring Chrome's privacy settings to the default ....(and more about not blocking cookies etc) 1. This is in Safari, not Chrome 2. Cookies are accepted from visited sites (which IIRC is the default for Safari)
  3. Yeah, version 1.0.0 confirmed. Only a "Synchronizing..." appears for seconds, then nothing else shown in the box. And nothing was clipped to the notebook. Same here
  4. Unless I'm doing something dumb - your link is broken. Right0click on the link and do File Save As ...
  5. It's like going back to the bad old days of being a Windows user.
  6. So basically, I can only clip if I have an active internet connection, and I have to sync EN desktop to get my clipping local? Just wanting to be sure I understand Yup. Thanks. And also for the uninstall/reinstall suggestion, which appears to have worked
  7. So basically, I can only clip if I have an active internet connection, and I have to sync EN desktop to get my clipping local? Just wanting to be sure I understand OK, thanks
  8. I know the current clipper extension is a beta, so I'm happy to accept it'll have imperfections. I don't know whether the following are decisions or bugs: 1. The extension simply seems to embody the functionality of the bookmarklet, in that it seems to want to send clippings to EN on the web, rather than my local EN on the Mac. Have I understood that properly? Is that the intention? 2. Most of the time, when I click in the Extension dialog to clip, the window simply blanks and nothing else happens. Any ideas? I'm on Safari 5.1/Lion 10.7.1 Thanks
  9. You know, I think the concerns expressed in this thread have been reasonable ones, and by and large very reasonably stated. Interjecting snark doesn't add to the discussion, nor does it reflect well on Evernote's "Evangelist" program. I agree. And, given that others have referred to the web clipper, it doesn't add anything significant to the discussion. Nor does it address the point that Safari Extensions and the demise of plug-ins have been in the public arena for long enough for us to have a reasonable expectation of continuity of service.
  10. This makes Evernote all but useless for me. The guys could have switch from plugin to extension at any time in the last year. Taken with the fact that the iOS bookmarklet solution is a major PiTA, I now have a multi-platform note-colelcting app that doesn't work well on any of the platforms I use. I think I need to find an alternative. $5 a month isn't a lot, but even at that rate, this is no longer good value. Not to mention the *very* annoying high rate of updates
  11. 1. I click on the reveal triangle for the tags list; the list opens, but won't scroll (if I click or drag in the scroll bar, it moves then snaps back) 2. Related to 1 - in this state, the show/reveal triangles in the nav pane do not respond at all 3. There seems to be an awful lot of sync activity. I opened EN, it synced. I had the problems at 1/2 above, so I closed/reopened it when the sync had finished to see if that fixed the issues. It immediately started another sync, which took some time to complete. When open, EN syncs every 5 mins, so there's never any great backlog of unsynced notes
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