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  1. I searched for this particular question but did not find it among the lengthy discussion about on-demand syncing. I use Evernote on a home computer where I have a large enough hard drive that I can maintain a local copy. However, at work, I still use Evernote but have a smaller hard drive and want to limit the size of the Evernote file. The plan is to try on-demand sync on that work computer. I logged out of my Windows desktop Evernote. I deleted the .exb file from my computer with plans to activate on-demand sync. When I logged back in, I found the settings and checked the "Enable on demand sync." However, I can see that Evernote is currently rebuilidng my whole .exb file and it's getting close to the size it was before. My first question is...do I need to uncheck other sync boxes in this same list? Are the other checked boxes overriding the on-demand choice? If not, do I need to enable the on-demand sync FIRST, before deleting the file, and relogging in to Evernote? I'm wondering if it started doing the sync before I was able to find and click the "Enable on demand sync" in time. Thanks.
  2. Is this a common problem? I just had the same problem. When I click on the "Add tag..." in my Windows installation of Evernote it asks for confirmation of the deletion and when I say "no" or close the window, it moves it to trash anyway. This is an annoying bug.
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