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  1. +1 We need to know more details about under what conditions the bug would occur, and which versions of Evernote were affected. Was it just a single version of Evernote or has the bug been out there for a while? Would it only happen if you edited the note, or would simply upgrading to one of the affected versions cause the problem on an unknown quantity of notes? Will the resource search mentioned above work even if the attachment is missing? (Seems like if the attachment is missing that it would no longer have said resource, so it wouldn't be found by that search, but correct me if I'm wrong.) Also, is that different from just typing "attachments" into the search bar? A bug that corrupts data should be treated with the same delicacy as a password hack. I would expect to see a blog post with a postmortem (how it happened, why it won't happen again, how seriously you're taking it), but at the very least we should have the aforementioned details.
  2. By the way, I have emailed support about this (ticket # 1032036) and haven't heard anything, though it's been more than two days. Evernote email support is dreadfully slow these days. I would pay more for a 24 hour support SLA of some sort.
  3. If you are looking a pull request on bitbucket and you click the side-by-side diff button then Google Chrome freezes for a long time. (If I leave it be, it usually comes up. If I try to reload the chrome tab the page freezes and eventually the tab crashes.) If I disable the Evernote Web Clipper extension those problems go away. Has anyone else run into this? I would love to know of a workaround aside from disabling the Evernote Web Clipper every time I review a bitbucket diff and need to see a side by side view. By the way, this problem started recently, so it may be that bitbucket or Evernote updated their JavaScript and have conflicting JavaScript now, because it used to work fine.
  4. FYI, I just upgraded to Evernote 5.2.0 (401495). The bug still occurs.
  5. forever-evernote, don't you have access to the support transcripts? I contacted support about this exact issue. The Mac build number is 5.1.4 (401298) and the OSX version is 10.7.5. I have sent you a PM with a screen recording of the bug. The bug occurs at 0:41, 1:40, 1:50 and 1:55 of the video that I'm sending you. The bug is that the saved searches sometimes yield 0 notes, which is incorrect.
  6. I contacted support about this issue and this is the response I got: Will: Hello, Nathaniel Cook. Please allow me a moment while I review your question.Will: One moment, please.Will: Yes, I am checking if there are any updates since the issue was reported and filed as a bug.Will: I'm, sorry, but although there is a bug report, I do not see any updated information in regards to this issue. The development team may still be working on this issue.Will: Actually, there is no list, bug reports are internal and handle by the development team. I can provide you with a beta version that may be able to fix the issue.
  7. Jay, thank you so much for posting this. I hadn't yet tried right-clicking on the Tags button in the sidebar. For me "Show Tag List" is the feature that I thought was painfully missing from Evernote 5. This allows the nested tags to show up in the proper hierarchy for use with thesecretweapon.org
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. There are two things that I want to see in Evernote (both of which are present in TurboNote+ http://turbonote.com/, which I purchased). 1. a note window that doesn't take up the whole screen. 2. A quick way to switch between the note and the other application. Ideally there would be a "park" and "unpark" feature like the one that Turbonote+ has. Alt-TAB does NOT work to switch between the note and another application because I want to continue typing when I return to the note. Every time I return to the note in Evernote, I have to click before I can continue typing where I left off. That's just silly. Please provide this feature; it must be pretty easy.
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