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  1. I would really dislike loosing the horizontal list view, it's the only view I use. Vertical is nice, but too compact on my screen.
  2. I'm not sure if this has been reported, but I'm experiencing issues with note-links, here's how I describe it. * Copy Note Link / Paste Note Link into another note * Note link works at that point in time * Exit application (This also syncs on exit) * Reload app and click on note link ** Note link points to a different note, but oddly each time this bug arises the 'different note' is always the same note Unfortunately I can't do this consistantly to tell you exactly how the bug arrives. Dave
  3. It's interesting because under the 'saved searches' menu on the left pane it works fine. It's only when it's in the shortcut bar that it breaks. With these all in the shortcut bar: Name: @Today (P1) Query: notebook:_Current tag:@Today -tag:#* Name: @Action(W) Query: notebook:_Current tag:@* -tag:@Future -tag:@Goals -tag:@Me -tag:@Pending -tag:@Resource -tag:@Review -tag:@Today -tag:@Brainstorm -tag:#* Name: @Brainstorm Query: notebook:_Current tag:@Brainstorm -tag:#* Click @Today (P1), works... click @Action(W), works... click @Brainstorm, works... click @Today (P1) again... both @Brainstorm and @Today tags both are now active when only @Today should be.
  4. This is with saved searches in the favorites bar, correct? Yes... am still having that problem w/ this version. Dave
  5. This doesn't fix the tag problem in the bar though where the tags don't clear that I mentioned in the beta 1 thread. Dave
  6. I'm still having the save-search carry over issue in the bar. Here are the three saved searches. # Get all notes marked for action today Today (P1): notebook:_Current tag:@Today -tag:#* # Get all notes without a completed tag and not tagged into other action queues Action(W): notebook:_Current tag:@* -tag:@Future -tag:@Goals -tag:@Me -tag:@Pending -tag:@Resource -tag:@Review -tag:@Today -tag:@Brainstorm -tag:#* # Pull up notes that need to be vetted out more Brainstorm: notebook:_Current tag:@Brainstorm -tag:#* All three of these tags when clicked under the Saved Searches menu in the left pane work fine, but when these are dragged up to the toolbar to be more accessible they stop working. Here's how it breaks (With all searches/tags cleared): * Click on Today: Works as expected all notes marked @Today appear * Click on Action: Works as expected all tags are cleared an those matching the Action criteria above are found * Click on Brainstorm: Expected results as well (seems good) BUT * Click on Today again: @Brainstorm tag doesn't clear, it sticks and @Today gets selected also Good to see you're working on it diligently though, appreciate all the quick responses. Dave
  7. Are you trying to delete a note and accidentally deleting a keyword? Or does this involve accidentally hitting the delete key? Trying to delete the note, it happens mostly when I'm multitasking between different apps. I'll click a note, then I'll click a tag (that note happens to have that tag) so what's on the screen is a note that's highlighted (albiet a faded highlight) and a keyword that has the more pronounced highlight. If I don't think about it switching back and I hit 'delete' after I refocus the Evernote window I can accidently delete the tag instead of the note. It's subtle and fortunately doesn't happen very often, but it has happened enough that I've deleted a few tags accidently. I realize this is operator error if anything, but I wonder if tags should be a little bit more fail-safe since deleting a note you can pull out of the trash, but deleting a tag can be a bit of a headache to recover from. Dave
  8. I'm not sure where to make this particular recommendation but one eventual feature, something that's tripped me up a few times and I can see being even more important with the new business offering, is when visually I think a note is highlighted in the list-view and hitting 'delete' and its actually the keyword pane that has the focus and I delete the keyword. I've done this a few times and not realizing what has happened right away I later go back and think 'uh oh, what happened to that keyword' .. would be nice if you could 'lock' the keyword pane to stop mistaken deletes. There might have been a warning dialog at one point but I am not sure how to get it back if it once existed (might have had a 'dont show this again' box on it). Dave
  9. On further inspection I found where the problem resides, if you have you have saved searches linked in the tool bar and you click on the above Action and then the Today saved-search it doesn't reset and make Today a new search it keeps the @Action tag. Whereas if you do it in the saved-search listing area it works correctly. Is this a bug or expected behavior? I don't remember it doing this in the prior version. ** NOTE: I just checked this on my home machine running and it works, so this seems to be a bug introduced in
  10. I'm having a problem with saved searches that appears to have just started as of today with the download of I have a series of saved searches, for example: Today: notebook:_Current tag:@Today -tag:#* This finds all notes tagged @Today less notes that have been classified (#closed, #deferred, #review60) Action: notebook:_Current tag:@* tag:@Action -tag:@Future -tag:@Goals -tag:@Pending -tag:@Review -tag:@Today -tag:#* This finds all my small taks items that are secondary to @Today immediate items Prior to this release, if I clicked on Action it would pull up all my action items and then if I selected the Today saved search it would clear the previous search and show all items with the @Today tag, now those steps hold over the @Action tag, so the Today saved search contains @Today AND @Action and vice versa if I do it in reverse order, which of course filters out a lot of action items. Was there some new functinality that was introduced? Some new syntax? How do I clear a previous search so there's no carry over? Thanks Dave
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