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  1. One feature that could be cool is the ability to "hide" a notebook from the UI. I mean tags and search are neat, but you rapidly have many notebooks as it's still the easiest way to do first-level organization. So I suggest to add a "hide notebook" feature (like you can hide photos in iPhoto for instance): it's perfect to get out of the way old notebooks you don't really care about anymore, but you certainly don't want to trash either. Of course, you would add a menu item with "Show Hidden Notebooks" and to make them visible, but maybe slightly grayed out or something.
  2. This might be of interested to some of you: I created some Automator actions for my own usage to scan & create notes, which can then be used in complex workflows - see topic here: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=12803
  3. It seems like printing a note in Evernote Mac does not print the note title, source URL, etc... but only its content. This does not make a lot of sense, please fix soon At the minimum you could make it an option, like when printing a webpage from Safari: "print background" / "print headers and footers".
  4. No problem, I really like Evernote, and I hope this fix works, as having rotated images in your notes is a serious annoyance
  5. I agree you absolutely shouldn't touch the user data, but I think I have a simple solution that might work for you: the use of CSS transforms: Since the Evernote XML is not really HTML (i.e. you don't embed an image with More info on CSS transforms here: http://developer.apple.com/safari/libra ... forms.html
  6. I'm glad you're having fun and providing such constructive criticism... In any case, according to this previous post (viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10911&p=44104), Evernote folks are not necessarily aware of how this JPEG orientation thing works nor how to support it on the Mac.
  7. It seems that if you add JPEG images to notes whose EXIF metadata contains an orientation tag, it is ignored. This is an annoying bug, as pretty all digital cameras sold today will use this tag when taking a picture in landscape or portrait mode. There are other ways to obtain such images: rotating an image with Preview and saving it will most often take advantage of the tag instead of touching the image data, or scanning in Image Capture and applying a rotation beforehand. More info here: http://www.impulseadventure.com/photo/e ... ation.html Images with EXIF orientation tags look correct in the majority of Mac applications and the fact that Evernote doesn't support them is quite annoying. You can find some sample code around that shows how to support this - you mostly need to retrieve the value for the orientation tag using ImageIO, then apply the corresponding matrix when drawing the image: http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/ ... ing38.html Please fix in the next release
  8. Ahhh... It looks like I spoke too fast, it does actually work, the problem is that the status on the note is incorrect: immediately after importing the PDF, it says "Image search data processing completed" although it hasn't (a test search confirms it). A few minutes later at the next sync, there's a notification "1 PDF updated with search data" and now the test search does work. Seems like a UI bug to me...
  9. Being able to highlight text in notes would be very very useful, please add it.
  10. Hi, I was under the impression after browsing around the website and the forums that once I signed up for a Premium account, text recognition in images inside PDFs would be active, but it doesn't seem to be the case (Mac v1.5.0). Is this correct? If yes, is this feature planned in the short term?
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