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  1. I echo this request, I can give several examples of why it would be useful to me: Example 1: School I would like to have a folder called School, a subfolder called Accounting, and then I could have 5 notebooks in that folder...one for Chapter/homework notes, One for Syllabus/Misc. course Info, One for Misc. web clippings and other information that relate to my subject. Example 2: Work I would want on Notebook to be just for meeting notes, and each note would be a different meeting. Another folder would be for Deliverables or actions still needed, another would be for general notes, etc. Example 3: Receipts. I scan every receipt and then throw the hard copy away. I moved to Evernote because I love the idea of OCR being done automatically and no mater what platform I'm on, or browser, I have access to everything. But when I'm on my iPhone, I do not want to see the thousands of receipts I might have in my account. I don't want to archive this folder, because again, I love the idea of having access to this information from anywhere. I came across an article from another Evernote user named Kent Newsome with the same request as ours in this forum, so I copied his URL below. I think the article really hits home for what we would like to see. ... clnk&gl=us Thank you Evernote for such a wonderful product! John Pope
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