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    I don't find Evernote too sluggish on the latest ios devices either so i'll probably just skip this one.
  2. reck

    ios Fastever

    Does anyone use the fastever app? Is it really worth it for what it does? It's selling at 50% off at the moment.
  3. It’s quite ironic that you chose not to implement a global setting for “security reasons” as it’s down to security reasons that I want to change my password in the first place. For users with large amounts of notes containing encrypted text built up over a number of years it’s just not practical to go through and manually change each and every instance of a password protected piece of text in evernote. Therefore the password has to remain the same for ever, even if you think it may have been compromised at some point. Doesn’t this limitation present a greater security risk than allowing users to easily change their encryption password periodically? Cpchang, maybe region just means the area of text that you’ve chosen to encrypt?
  4. hmmm i'm not seeing any global option here. Surely we're not expected to go through and call up each note (using the attribute "contains encrypted text"), find the encrypted bit of text, highlight, de-crypt and then encrypt again. Then do it all over again (no doubt with more notes) further down the line next time it's password change time.
  5. As is good practice with passwords I like to change them periodically. Is there a way to change my evernote encryption password apart from going through and manually de-encrypt\re-encrypt every bit of encrypted text?
  6. But no clipper and no offline support, that only leaves search as a possible (big) benefit. I suppose we could even download the google desktop search toolbar to use with our current structure. I like the fact that multiple users can edit the same document though, that's a big bonus. Thanks metrodon. I get your point re my wish not being high on the list. It was just a thought that came to me the other day when using my personal EN account and how easy it is to store all this data and be able to retrieve it so efficiently.
  7. lol right. Evernote should add some text on their iap screen informing people of this, i'm sure most people would rather 100% of their money went to EN for future development rather than give a 30% cut to Apple.
  8. It's a shame two (or three) people can't use the same EN database, this would have been a dream solution and a way for me to get Evernote in the company. Metrodon i'm not sure Google apps, or google docs would give us much benefit over our current situation would it? The beauty of Evernote is the way it so easily allows you to find your information via the tags, notebooks and saved searches. It also gives us the option, via offline notebooks, to keep some of the more sensitive information on our server.Finally Evernote makes it so convenient and easy to place stuff in it via it's firefox clipper, screengrab clipper, outlook integration etc.
  9. Ah so the option to purchase Evernote premium via the ios app is actually an Apple requirement? Don't Apple take a 30% cut if someone purchases their evernote subscription via the ios app instead of your website?
  10. I think this came about because of the Readability app which got rejected because it circumvented the apple in-app subscription. The thing with the readability app is that is doesn't sell content like magazines and other content publishers, it sells a service for a monthly fee, aka software-as-a-service. Does that model sound familiar? Quote from the App store review guidelines.
  11. This blog talks about it and uses Evernote and Dropbox as examples. http://www.marco.org/3437484678 It seems the possible issue could be for third party software such as found in the trunk. Not sure what to make of it all and if it amounts to nothing or potentially something problematic so devs.
  12. We are looking to use Evernote to store some of our documentation and knowledgebase, but it would need to be accessed by 3 people at the same time and I’m not sure if Evernote can be used this way. At the moment we have a network drive with lots of pdf,excel and word documents. We try to label the documents and subfolders in a logical manner but sometimes it takes a while to find the information we’re after. This network drive is accessible all the time to 3 people who can add, delete, edit and search these documents at any time. I have a personal Evernote account so I know how useful it is to store information, notes or documents and then be able to tag them and assign them to notebooks and then very easily find them later on using the tag or powerful search feature. This is why going forward I think it would be great if we could use Evernote and could then store our information in Evernote as notes or if necessary attach the documents themselves to Evernote. I think it would be so much easier to organise all our knowledge and information and with some saved searches and clever use of tags make our life so much easier when searching. It would also be a lot easier to add information as instead of opening word or excel to store information we could use the web clipper\screengrab ect. Some of the information is sensitive but we could split the information between online and offline notebooks. The only problem is I don’t think more than one person can access an Evernote database at the same time can they? We all use and need access to all this information all the time and each of us must be able to edit\add\delete at any time as well otherwise it’s no use. If we use 3 separate Evernote accounts how can we access and maintain a central storage? I’ve never looked at the sharing side of Evernote but is this something we could use? We use a mixture of PC’s and MAC’s and the information would be spread between offline and online notebooks. Thanks for any info.
  13. I've been reading a lot in the press recently about content publishers being unhappy about Apple's new subscription service. This is where Apple not only gets 30% of the cost of the app but also 30% of all in app subscriptions. Apple do allow publishers to offer subscriptions outside the app but they can't charge less for what they must offer in the app. So if the customer has a choice from clicking a button in the app or going off to some site and subscribing and both are costing the same, customers are going to choose the easy option, which is the apple option. Over the last few days there has been a growing concern that this might also affect "software as a service" apps like Evernote, Dropbox etc. If this happens does this mean that Apple will now insist that these sorts off apps must allow customers to purchase subscriptions from within the app (and give 30% to apple) and that any pricing changes Evernote makes they must ensure that the in-app purchase must never be more expensive than on the website? If i'm not mistaken Evernote already allows you to purchase a subscription from the app, the big question is does Apple currently take 30% of the revenue instead of it all going to Evernote? In the past when i've gone premium i've always done it from the website but it would be interesting to hear how this might affect Evernote. I'd want all my subscription to go to Evernote to improve the service, not give the evil Apple corp 30% of my subscription. Hopefully this policy doesn't affect SaaS apps and it's just for Magazine subscriptions, e.g. content, rather than service, but it would be interesting to see if Apple pushes this.
  14. No problem, glad you agree that the video needed some clarification. I think that caption helps a lot Dave, the video is a lot clearer about the limitation on the PC with that. I still think listing "Search within PDF" documents as a feature on the premium page and then not mentioning that it's only for mac is a bit dodgy though.
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