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  1. reusable is a great idea and it does seem to work pretty well (i bought one out of curiosity).  since i keep everything in evernote, not sure if the option to send things to other services is usefull.  i would be curious what the workflow is like for those that would send things to multiple services but maybe that's for a different forum thread.  from a picture scanning option, Everlast can send either .jpg's or .pdf's., but to take full advantage of evernote, the images need to be in .pdf (as far as i know).  both seem to handle colored pens fine.

  2. Been using the Evernote Moleskin notebooks for a while.  I see that another optiion is Everlast notebooks.  Was curious if anyone has tried them out and any opinions/preferences?  One things stands out is Everlasts ability to send the pages to something other than Evernote.  But other than that, anything else?



  3. hi-

    Been a long time Evernote user (premium) and have used it over the course of several jobs and personal life.  My company recently upgraded our laptops to larger/bigger/heavier engineering grade laptops which make it a bit more challenging to drag around for meetings (I'm partially paperless, but haven't made the transition complete).  I was looking for a better solution for meeting notes etc. than the new brick that I've been given.  I was hoping for a few opinions on good tables (10" or so) that I can take to meetings.  Something with acceptable Evernote performance but also something that I can carry with relative ease.  I'm open to windows or android only devices.  the new Surface Pro devices look great just a bit out of my price range.  Can anyone offer any other options?




    ps, is/are the IOS devices a better way to go?

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