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    I came onto the forums to look for an answer to the same problem. I am using my chromebook and get the same error. No ad blockers running. I guess i will try clearing cache and giving it another try. I am having a similar issue with icloud webpage.
  2. Ok will, do. Thanks! My Evernote has been running slowly lately so hopefully this resolves this issue as well.
  3. I have done the full close quite a few times, where it asks if you if you want to disable all clippping functionality. I also turn off my pc daily.
  4. I just checked the web client and the tags don't show up there. Odd. By complete sync, do you just mean hitting the sync button in Evernote? I deleted this notebook months ago, so it has been synced many times. Any ideas?
  5. A friend shared his workout notebook with me and after a year I deleted the notebook. I noticed that all of the tags he had used in the notebook still showed up in my tags. They don't reference any notes, but when I right click to delete them, it isn't an option. All of the options are greyed out except "add to shortcuts." Any idea how I can remove all of these tags? Thanks
  6. Just installed the 2nd beta (.980) and all of my shortcuts were deleted on my Windows 8 laptop and then synced over to my Galaxy s3 where they were wiped too. Any ideas?
  7. @postitnotes - Correct, I am looking for Note Links support for the exact reason you mentioned. Right now Android supports note links in that you can click on them and go to the linked note within the app. Also Remember the Milk recognizes note links within their web app (use this on desktop) and Android to jump to the note within the app. Hope that Evernote supports creating Note Links within Android pretty soon. Oh yeah, and Nirvana HQ a web GTD app just announced support for Note Links too. I have suggested it to some Android GTD apps and hopefully more folks will support it soon. Otherwise it isn't worth trying to go to the web address of a note.
  8. I have noticed that when I long press a note and share it I only get the web link to the note. Is it possible to share the internal note link, so I jump into the app when pressed rather than the web version? Thanks Dave
  9. Getting a minor error when creating a shortcut for a note. At first it will always say that there was an error in creating the shortcut, but then will follow up that the shortcut was created. In the end all is good, but it always does that. Doesn't matter if it is a shortcut to a note or tag.
  10. Ok, but doesn't work for the smartphone version? Been trying a few different ways with no luck.
  11. Haven't been able to figure out how to do this. would love to have the ability to create a shortcut to one on my main screen. Thanks
  12. My Mytouch4g keeps crashing on the sync. I get the error "HTTP Response code: 304" Any ideas?
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