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  1. Quitting the app throught the fast switching fix the problem.
  2. Yesterday I copy and paste a Skype chat in evernote to keep track of the conversation. Evernote can't sync that note saying that the note content is not valid. I try to copy the chat (it's clear text btw) to a text editor, clean the format and than put it back into evernote but nothing changed. I also try to "simplify format" in evernote but i was out of luck. Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks
  3. Hi guys! Yesterday I bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet to try to take notes by hand. But... Evernote for mac can't create a Inknote, why? I don't have the Inknote button on the top of my client... It's a bug of my client installation or in the mac version of evernote there isn't that feature?
  4. I have install Evernote 1.5.2 on my Snow Leopard mac and 1Password button on Safari was over search bar instead of between Evernote button and address bar.
  5. I have the same problem with Evernote for Mac version 1.4.9 (57356).
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