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  1. I made a comment about this in a thread note too long ago and the response was that Evernote was not designed for these sorts of services. With the creation of a Business service division, perhaps these suggestions can be considered. If you want to offer a "Business Class" service, here are my feature requests: Immediate sharing to all team members. - If I create a project notebook called SMITH, everyone on the SMITH team should have this notebook appear in their Evernote without the need for a verification process. This is silly and annoying that this doesn't already occur. - Team members will receive a notification of the update. - The current "sharing" process is broken as you need to exit your Evernote application to confirm acquisition of the notebook on the website. This doesn't work on mobile devices the last time I checked. Immediate and intelligent synchronization. - Frequently I have to instruct team members to manually refresh their Evernote to receive the most recent articles. The refresh should be immediate like Dropbox. - Sometimes two people will be working on the same document at the same time or within a few minutes of each other. This usually screws up and/or deletes data. Collaboration - Realtime note collaboration with colors or flags to indicate who is writing or made changes. - Version history with time stamps. Notifications - A simple way to notify persons or teams that a note needs attention. Sending and receiving notifications should be built in to the application with the option of email or text updates. I would think this could easily be added to the Post / Email arrow. Better handling of text formatting. - The text formatting in Evernote is the main reason why I have been using other services more often. You can not copy and paste text from other resources and retain the same text format. This often ends up in double and triple line spacing, loss of bulleted lists, and overall unpleasant paragraph formatting. Hard core users of Evernote want this fixed so we can work IN Evernote. Spreadsheets - Better spreadsheet integration is crucial.
  2. Huh. Well now I'm even more confused. Pretty sure we already have all these features with our Premium Group accounts for a third of the cost.
  3. Thanks for the summary jbignert. I obviously read the blog post and watched the video but it still wasn't very clear what features or benefits I'd receive over my existing account. There really needs to be a comparison chart. I should have also mentioned, or I should say I forgot to mention, that I'm on a Group account. Does Business now replace Groups? Would we ditch Groups at $3.75/account and move to Business for $10/account? - Business notebooks where the data ownership & continuity remains with the company. We achieve this by having one assigned user create a new notebook then manually share to the team. So, this now means anyone in the team can create a notebook and it’s instantly shared without having to “share” the folder? This is great but something I expect should be a standard Evernote function. - Streamlined sharing with colleagues “Sharing” meaning what I described above? So your new notebooks are instantly available across the team without the “sharing” process? This is also something of an annoyance that should just be standardized or something that’s a selectable function. As in, yes, I automatically accept all shared notebooks from people in my team or something. IMO, this isn't a premium feature, this is a repair for something that has always been broken. - Increased quota 2GB on your personal 2GB per Business user in aggregate. ok - Knowledge discovery across the company, via related notes & related results. Seems to be an upgraded “feature” that should be available to all Evernote users. Still, a pretty cool tool.
  4. Can someone explain why a small business user would upgrade from Evernote Premium to Evernote Business? It just seems like Evernote is charging $10/month / user for an incremental UI update.
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