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  1. Evernote has gotten so bloated and expansive, I'm not sure I completely understand the advantages of each plan they offer. Here's what I gather are the biggest differences: Basic (free) Premium ($5/month $45/year) Business ($10/month/user) Over the basic plan, premium gets you offline data and more storage and lets you share notebooks. Over the premium plan, business gets you more storage and a central owner/manager. These are all very minimal differences from our perspective. It's ultimately the same bloated, inefficient product, right? We have a team of about 12 users. I don't know what plan we have any longer, I got an email saying I'm no longer part of the "Evernote Sponsored Group product". We can create and share notes and notebooks. That's all we need. We don't want or need a central owner or manager. Are there any other particular advantages I'm missing here? While I'm at it, can anyone check out my wish list from last year and let me know if any of these features exist? http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32382-suggestions-for-evernote-business/
  2. Wow, it's been over a year and nothing has changed. There's still way too much effort needed just to share folders and notes. Someone somewhere told me that Evernote was never meant as a business tool. Yet, its clear Evernote has noticed its usefulness for businesses. We've all but abandoned Evernote as a team and moved on to Google Docs and other tools. Evernote, as prolific as it is, really has no focus at all. It's a truly horrible product that has mostly gotten in our way as a communication and documentation platform. I feel really bad for the talented developers building this tool who have been misguided by poor, disinterested leadership.
  3. I made a comment about this in a thread note too long ago and the response was that Evernote was not designed for these sorts of services. With the creation of a Business service division, perhaps these suggestions can be considered. If you want to offer a "Business Class" service, here are my feature requests: Immediate sharing to all team members. - If I create a project notebook called SMITH, everyone on the SMITH team should have this notebook appear in their Evernote without the need for a verification process. This is silly and annoying that this doesn't already occur. - Team members will receive a notification of the update. - The current "sharing" process is broken as you need to exit your Evernote application to confirm acquisition of the notebook on the website. This doesn't work on mobile devices the last time I checked. Immediate and intelligent synchronization. - Frequently I have to instruct team members to manually refresh their Evernote to receive the most recent articles. The refresh should be immediate like Dropbox. - Sometimes two people will be working on the same document at the same time or within a few minutes of each other. This usually screws up and/or deletes data. Collaboration - Realtime note collaboration with colors or flags to indicate who is writing or made changes. - Version history with time stamps. Notifications - A simple way to notify persons or teams that a note needs attention. Sending and receiving notifications should be built in to the application with the option of email or text updates. I would think this could easily be added to the Post / Email arrow. Better handling of text formatting. - The text formatting in Evernote is the main reason why I have been using other services more often. You can not copy and paste text from other resources and retain the same text format. This often ends up in double and triple line spacing, loss of bulleted lists, and overall unpleasant paragraph formatting. Hard core users of Evernote want this fixed so we can work IN Evernote. Spreadsheets - Better spreadsheet integration is crucial.
  4. Huh. Well now I'm even more confused. Pretty sure we already have all these features with our Premium Group accounts for a third of the cost.
  5. Thanks for the summary jbignert. I obviously read the blog post and watched the video but it still wasn't very clear what features or benefits I'd receive over my existing account. There really needs to be a comparison chart. I should have also mentioned, or I should say I forgot to mention, that I'm on a Group account. Does Business now replace Groups? Would we ditch Groups at $3.75/account and move to Business for $10/account? - Business notebooks where the data ownership & continuity remains with the company. We achieve this by having one assigned user create a new notebook then manually share to the team. So, this now means anyone in the team can create a notebook and it’s instantly shared without having to “share” the folder? This is great but something I expect should be a standard Evernote function. - Streamlined sharing with colleagues “Sharing” meaning what I described above? So your new notebooks are instantly available across the team without the “sharing” process? This is also something of an annoyance that should just be standardized or something that’s a selectable function. As in, yes, I automatically accept all shared notebooks from people in my team or something. IMO, this isn't a premium feature, this is a repair for something that has always been broken. - Increased quota 2GB on your personal 2GB per Business user in aggregate. ok - Knowledge discovery across the company, via related notes & related results. Seems to be an upgraded “feature” that should be available to all Evernote users. Still, a pretty cool tool.
  6. Can someone explain why a small business user would upgrade from Evernote Premium to Evernote Business? It just seems like Evernote is charging $10/month / user for an incremental UI update.
  7. I do know that you have to hit the sync button in order for it to sync at an acceptable time. Other people I work with forget this. What happens is if someone else is working on the note at the same time and they walk away from their computer, or turn it off before its done syncing, and I hit sync now, all their changes are lost. This has happened at least a dozen times. I just find Evernote isn't tuned for real time collaborative efforts. I don't think that's going to change so I'm looking for alternatives.
  8. My biggest problem with Evernote, and reason for looking for alternative solutions, is that any new folder, note or change is not immediately indicated for other users. I have to go through this convoluted process of sending an email. I think we can all agree part of the reason to use Evernote is to eliminate inbox bloat. When someone wants to share a notebook with me I have to open my email client and click on a link in my browser. This is archaic! There should be a button in the desktop, web and mobile interfaces that say notify person and they get a pop up or notification on all the systems the've deemed appropriate. Can we fix the way we communicate with others we're sharing our notes with please before I kill my co-workers and lose more time on our projects. Thanks. Oh, and fix your syncing process. This should work immediately, not every X minutes. ugh. I can't tell you how much work we've lost.
  9. THANKS! It doesn't work though What does work is Option+Shift+CMD+T which is a contorted key command. Is this Twister? You should probably just add it to the menu next to B I U like ever other app does. Why is this so difficult?
  10. I find this to be an issue with Evernote across all platforms. When pasting text from (multiple) external sources in to Evernote, it becomes a huge mess. I always have to select the entire document and reformat text style, font, and often reformat paragraphs. Any time I copy in text from Outlook (which I do very often) I have to reformat the entire document. It's a huge waste of time for me. What's most frustrating is if I come to the end of a paragraph and hit the Return key the text in the next line is a totally different format then the rest of the document. I don't know what the solution is, constant plain type or constant reformatting or something else, but something needs to be fixed here. I find it far easier to create a document in Text Edit or even my email client then paste it in to Evernote for backup. That's not very efficient. I realize Evernote isn't MS Word but I find it hard to imaging adding this capability would be all that difficult. Also, add a strike through shortcut to the Mac client like I asked for when Evernote was in beta. The response I got was "we use Apple's built in inspector palette", but that doesn't fly for me. I use this button a lot and find all other platforms easier to work with compared to CMD+T, open drop down, click on single. Come on, seriously, add a strike through in the Mac client.
  11. Please put it next to the other properties B, I, U like MS Word does.
  12. I've been waiting for this since the beta of Evernote. I've moved to other note taking apps just of this feature. Please implement a strike-through for text. I use Evernote for a lot of project management and lists. Selecting a line of text and scratching it out is important to me.
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