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  1. I am having the same issue on Safari on mac os sierra. Logs out several times a day even after reinstall.
  2. Why when I am in the middle of working on an email or surfing the web etc does Evernote like to become the active application on my desktop? It does it all day and even did it just now. SO ANNOYING. PLEASE HELP.
  3. I use evernote and 1password everyday. They had their plug-in ready to go day one of lion. Just saying... Get on it! (this is me being nice). I work for the most valuable company in the country now and recommend your product all the time so get on it!
  4. still doing it in 1.6.2 ... I love evernote!!! but this is annoying have to reset 1password.
  5. I had remove my evernote button today. I lost my 1password button on the right side. Lew i tried your solution a few times and it didnt work .. it reverts everytime i restart safari.
  6. Just saw it myself... its there. Wondering if there is a trick to get it on left again with out disabling plug-in. I wish apple would make it easier to for 3rd party developers to do this. I know Evernote is trying!
  7. Thanks for working on this I know you are working hard on it, but its seems to be still broken for me. After install restart of safari and after restarting safari
  8. I just discovered this issue tonight after switching back to 64 bit mode. Having the same problems as discussed here. with Evernote creating the "open in dashboard" button over my 1password button. I use evernote and 1password all the time, both are essential. Glad to see you are on top of it already and look forward to the fix. thanks Bryan
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