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  1. Open the note you would like to print. Tap the share button (person with plus (+) sign) then tap More sharing options > Share outside of Evernotethen tap the Print button.
  2. I needed to print a note from my iPhone and, after a lot of hunting, finally found the print option four layers down in the menus. Seems particularly silly since the first layer menu was half empty where a print option could easily have been put. Is this a force-your-customers-to-go-paperless-by-annoying-the-*****-out-of-them ploy? 🤔
  3. 1) Is there no button on IOS for undo still? I've seen several posts about an undo key on the numeric keyboard or some undo/redo buttons on the right of the ribbon above the on-screen keyboard, but I have been able to locate neither. 2) why has such a fundamental editing feature remained absent from Evernote for so long? There's room on the ribbon above the keyboard for instance. It could be a feature to toggle on or off if you're worried any users would feel these buttons are a waste of space. BUT, and I don't think I'm alone on this, if you want me to spend more time generating content in Evernote, I need an easy way to undo an editing action without interrupt my flow by stopping to shake my phone and deal with a dialogue box. PLEASE address this...
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