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  1. Any movement on making a Livescribe note's Title editable? This would be very handy. (And, no, the note Title doesn't come up in Livescribe, so it can't be edited there.)
  2. 1) Is there no button on IOS for undo still? I've seen several posts about an undo key on the numeric keyboard or some undo/redo buttons on the right of the ribbon above the on-screen keyboard, but I have been able to locate neither. 2) why has such a fundamental editing feature remained absent from Evernote for so long? There's room on the ribbon above the keyboard for instance. It could be a feature to toggle on or off if you're worried any users would feel these buttons are a waste of space. BUT, and I don't think I'm alone on this, if you want me to spend more time generating content in Evernote, I need an easy way to undo an editing action without interrupt my flow by stopping to shake my phone and deal with a dialogue box. PLEASE address this...
  3. Thanks Dave. I did search for a solution (on the Internet) before I posted this question. The idea would be to have Evernote results moved up the list of results on a Spotlight search. Although it's increasingly likely the info I want is in Evernote, it is not the only place I need to look. If my searches are specific enough (or the results few enough) an Evernote doc will come up as the "Top Hit" or among the first few results listed in one of the categories, like "Documents". But, if there are many results, the Evernote notes won't make the cut and I have to go to "Show All" to see the Evernote results. Ideally, Evernote notes would always show up, either in their own Category, or atop the Documents category results listed. If I want to search only Evernote, I can do that via Spotlight, all I have to do is type "whatever kind:evernote" ("whatever" being the string I'm searaching for) into the Spotlight search bx and I'll get only Evernote notes containing the "whatever" string returned in the results. Don't mean to sound peevish, I'm a BIG Evernote fan. It's all about saving a few keystorkes, time and effort, and I thought perhaps the sharp team at Evernote might have devised some ingenious hack...
  4. I'm having a bit of a hic-up with Spotlight searches. Evernote results don't show up in searches from the Spotlight magnifying glass menu in the finder, but I can see them if I go to a search window in the finder (via "show all" from the Spotlight menu, or via command-f from the finder). (So Evernote content is being indexed). I believe the problem lies in the fact that the Evernote results are too far down the list to show in the Spotlight menu results. Does anyone know of some way to modify the way (order) results are displayed in the Spotlight menu such that the Evernote results will be displayed closer to the top of the list (and show up in the menu)? -andrew (andrew.lehman@me.com)
  5. This also happens to me with some regularity, and yes, it is very annoying. Has anyone isolated the cause (and how to prevent it?)
  6. I also use Evernote, 1Password and Safari in Snow Leopard and am experiencing this problem too. Looking forward to a solution.
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