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  1. Thanks for the post. At least now I can kill all background tasks and see this feature do something besides capture a completely black square. BTW, I'm using a stock Galaxy S4.
  2. I'm experiencing something on my system that seems like a bug: When I add an existing tag to a note, I get the type-ahead fill in feature like we've always had in Evernote. In the beta, however, if I hit enter to accept the suggestion, it creates a new tag with a shortened name. An example that just bit me occurred when I went to add my "Assemble Launch Team" tag to a note. I started typing, and got to "Assem" before I noticed that the right tag was being suggested, so I hit enter. My note was now tagged with a new tag titled, "Assem." I'm just glad that I didn't hit enter after typing only three letters instead of 5.
  3. I don't know why that should amaze you. Wordpress is designed for formatting text. That's like comparing MS Word or Excel to Evernote. Word & Excel are designed to format text or make spreadsheets. Evernote is designed to collect, organize & retrieve information. I think that being able to format my notes into intuitive and visually appealing documents (by being able to create more than just a rudimentary table, or grab the corner of a picture to make it smaller, as examples), helps me be better able to collect and organize that information better. The formatting options in OneNote keep calling me back to that platform. I don't want Evernote to be a desktop publishing client, but would love the application even more if I could create notes that weren't quite so ugly. I've listened to Phil Libin talk about Evernote being a 100 year company. I hope that I don't have to wait that long to have better formatting options in my notes.
  4. So is the indexing the bug then? I have not been able to successfully search for any text in an ink note yet.
  5. I too have used Evernote since the days of Tablet PC's. I was delighted to discover last week after purchasing a Win 8 tablet that Ink notes still existed (or are back) in Evernote, but was equally disappointed that they were not searchable. It seems like a miss to me and I hope that it's something that can be remedied with a more reasonable solution than the workaround above.
  6. AMEN! Tables have had almost zero development from the very first release of Evernote and the fact that I can't reduce the size of a photo by dragging the corner of the photo has always seemed like an oversight. I have been a premium subscriber for a couple of years and use Evernote every day...but every time I have to insert an image or a table into a note, I hear cursing in my head.
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