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  1. Hi. The'view as attachment' is grayed out. You can double-click the PDF to check the contents, but the preview is not displayed. Even if I ask the scanner manufacturer to change the specifications, I do not know how to change the specifications and cannot tell. Is there any good way? For example, you need to comply with ISO 32000-2.
  2. Look at the image in the top thread. Files saved as PDF can be undisplayed as attachments, but scanned files cannot be unlocked because they are grayed out.
  3. Hi. One is a PowerPoint file saved as a PDF, and the other is scanned with a copier. What I scanned is not displayed as a preview in Windows App. However, the preview display is possible with WebBrowser.
  4. Although there is a difference in the PDF generation process, When viewed in Browser, you can switch the preview display. Is there any difference with Windows App?
  5. Hi. The sentences that cannot be unattached are files uploaded via uniFLOW Online. Is it possible to investigate by attaching the original file of the text that cannot be removed?
  6. I have attached two PDFs to one note. One is that you can cancel the attached file display, One cannot be released. What is this difference?
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