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  1. I know, I'm slightly off-topic, but... I'm looking for the URLs of the Evernote and Skitch Dolphin Browser Add Ons. I can't back them up from my HTC phone. Every other app works.
  2. Hi, first thing I try, as soon a new pre release is available, is to search within a result of a search. Regards, Timo
  3. Hi, I'd love to be able to share the note link, instead of the whole note, which is public w/ the shared url. That way, I could share the note link with my calendar and open the note with my EN client from within the event. Regards, Timo
  4. Tweets, shared from TweetDeck don't upload, any more. Other sharing, like URL from the stock browser, seems to work.
  5. Hi y'all, so far, there's only one thing I'm missing. Otherwise, awesome app and a great overall product. I'd love to be able to choose which kind of notes I want to upload w/ wifi only and which have to upload immediately. So far, I have to disable wi-fi sync only, wait for my uploads to finish and re-enable it. Regards, Timo
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