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  1. Good Morning, I love Evernote and am a firm believer in the product. I use it daily on my MAC, my PC at work and my PC laptop. In the very near future, I want to promote your product with my business. I have made suggestions on how to IMPROVE Evernote and so I am a satisfied customer. I am having just a few issues and need to know...Is there any fix for the SYNC FAILURE error when working in a MAC evernote account? I started receiving this error two-three weeks ago and yes, I read the other topics and was successful in emailing the erring notes (that would not sync) to be myself so they could get back in sync. I had to do this on multiple occasions this past week on my MAC. What happened today to make me go the route of REBUILDING the local database on the MAC... I am re-organizing notes inside of evernote and so I moved quite a few notes from one folder to another on my WINDOWS laptop evernote account, I happened to notice that the MAC evernote would not SYNC up. Manual sync on the MAC caused the error. I did not want to email notes since there would be too many to email. I am currently rebuilding the database on my MAC as suggested in previous threads. This can be very time consuming if you have a lot of notes (and I do), nevermind the space issue on your drives if you move your database out of the library/application support folder onto your desktop. Mine was over 1.5 gigs. A true sign that I love evernote. I started the Evernote rebuild at 9:06 and it is still going at 9:46. It is at 841 out of 2077 notes. It will be just under two hours before this rebuild finishes. Is there any solution to this issue? Any suggestions? I use the product in IE, Firefox for both Win and PC, and Safari. No problems until this past month when something got corrupted. I know that this is a database product and it is normal for corruption to take place. We need a tool to handle the corruption without having to REBUILD our databases that will grow larger and larger in time. This is a great product....Keep up the great work Mrs Notetaker
  2. Hi, I have experienced this twice now where something happens while doing a screen capture on a MAC snapshotting a web page. It gets stuck in a forever LOOP of creating a new notes. I cannot quit them fast enough, and if I can even get to the FORCE QUIT window and quit evernote, It quits and comes right back, looping once again. I have quite a few NEW NOTES, I never created. It was only after I was able to FORCE QUIT the browser that it stopped. The ESCAPE key was not helpful in this situation. It begins when I am using a keyboard shortcut for the snapshot. I have changed the shortcut since the last time this happened which eliminates the shortcut. I know this is a glitch and I love evernote. Just freaky when it happens. I almost powered off the machine to get it to stop making a new note ever 1/2 second.
  3. HI, We are narrowing down the issue. I use two Evernote accounts. One Free (at work) and One PREMIUM (My home personal one). I am at work and I converted the emails to PDFs and then sent those PDFs as email attachments to the premium account. Your servers have to process these. At work: Windows Client is currently set to Evernote Version (57740) and I use this one for a free WORK evernote account. This is only used for WORK related items. When I want to send something personal, I use the email feature to send to my personal PREMIUM account. I am having the issue when attaching the PDF to an email. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not (I can only assume size limitation). Sometimes it is clickable and sometimes it shows up as TEXT only. Other times it does not show up at all. At Home: Purchased EVERNOTE Premium that I use for my Windows and MAC machines. I will let you know what version but I know that it is the current one. I am in both EVERNOTE accounts daily. I can test your theory when I get home tonight for the windows machine. My MAC client is the most current one Evernote 1.5.2 (62233) and it attaches to the PREMIUM account but it comes to work witih me. I hope I did not confuse you. Mrs Notetaker
  4. Hi, I love evernote and use it daily. I just need help on a few issues. I was in the process of cleaning up my mail on the WINDOWS machine and converted some mail to PDF, Sent it to Evernote (Premium) account. I cannot get the PDF to be searchable. I have read some of the posts regarding attachments. The premium account states it searches PDFs. Is there a time frame that we have to wait for a PDF to be searchable? Why is the PDF size limitation so small? I was amazed that someone posted that they not only pasted the WORD Document into a note but the PDF as well. THey must have some very small documents; or else I am doing something wrong. I have Acrobat 8 Professional and it will allow a package (different files into one) PDF. When I send evernote a pdf created by this package, Evernote has issues and I can only assuming because it was too large. I sent a couple of tests through, one test it would not even show up. Another test came through with text saying there was an attachment but nothing was clickable. Am I on the right track with this thinking? Help. Mrs Notetaker
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