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  1. That's the obvious 411 I was missing. Thanks buddy, and I like the name. jmf
  2. Can I edit PDF files in Evernote using Adobe Reader DC? I can open Evernote PDF files in Reader DC, but when I make a change like rotate it is not automatically saved to Evernote like many other PDF readers that I use. Please advise, thank you. jmf
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have Windows 8 system. The file was not stuck in the folder and not moving to the Evernote database. It finally did move but it took about an hour. jmf
  4. Why do some files not leave the import folder? I tried restarting Evernote and rebooting the system but a PDF file will not move to the Evernote database. Please advise. jmf
  5. I am used to the Apple editor "Preview," that automatically saves my changes to the Apple version of Evernote. The default editor on my Windows machine is "PDF Viewer Plus v. 7.1" by Nuance. It does not save my changes automatically to Evernote documents and is not as powerful as Apple Preview, Has anyone found a better external editor for Evernote running in Windows 7 environment? Thank you\ jmf
  6. Is there anyway to markup PDF documents in Evernote to highlight important sentences and paragraphs etc.? jmf
  7. Is there a way to edit what is displayed on a document's thumbnail? jmf
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