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  1. Hi I took a photograph using the Snapshot feature on the Android app but it won't upload to my account. I am signed in as far as I can tell but the note has been stuck in pending for days now. I get the following message in the error log NoteUploader.uploadNote Error communicating with the Evernote Servers I'm using the 3G connection on my phone and I definitely have a connection to the network (tested using the browser). My Evernote version is 1.0B10 (55505) Has anyone else come across this problem? Cheers, Mike
  2. Hi I've just started using Evernote and imagine that it won't be long before I am a paying client - this is definitely an app that I have always needed Onto the Android client. Would it be possible to implement some sort of local storage of notes please? I spend a lot of time out of signal range (on trains etc) and during this time Evernote is useless. If I could store a subset of my notes on an SD card and search them when needed then it would make the application much more useful to me. Best Wishes, Mike www.walkingrandomly.com
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