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  1. Hi Sayre, Glad to know you enjoy it :). Sync from Evernote back to KleverNote is more challenging, but definetely possible. Will be adding it to the list of planned features, we work on them fast. Thanks for your feedback. Fran
  2. At the moment, notes modified in KleverNote will be resynced to Evernote, however if you modify it in Evernote you won't see the changes in the app.
  3. Thanks for your input! Yes you can see how it works in the youtube channel: Unfortunately, developing the iphone app has taken a lot more time and money that I had anticipated, seems the Mac app plans will have to be put on hold for now. Thanks for your input, the channel is at Thanks for your input, the channel is at
  4. Thanks for your feedback. The app is not optimised to work in iPad, as you can see is not marked as an universal app. Hence, I assume that the problems you had are derived from the fact that the app is tested on iPhone only. Version 1.2 will come with full iPad support. Will definitely be making some videos.
  5. It's definitely on the horizon, I'd love to have a mac app myself. However at this point I am just focusing on growing the number of users, once it has gained some traction I can focus on the mac version. Thanks for your input!
  6. Hi, I would like to introduce my app Klevernote. In a nutshell, klevernote is a productivity app that combines the power of a personal database with the simplicity of a note-taking app. Klevernote uses note templates to make note-taking a breeze. Templates are a collection of fields (think of web forms) that are organized to record any kind of information. Klevernote send your notes to Evernote so your records are always on the cloud. Examples of things you can do with Klevernote: Track your collections (cards, stamps, sneakers, you name it!) Track expenses Keep records of your customers Jot down your ideas .. And much more! Brief Highlights: 13 kinds of fields for your Evernote templates: Text, Draw, On/Off Switcher, List, Photo, Video, Voice, Date, Location, Video, Emotion, Weather Supports background posting Save notes as draft and post them later Text editor with shortcuts and customisable snippets Prepend or append contents to a note in the full version Supports Text Expander Note history, check the content of already sent notes Powerful note search Template reminders Backup and restore templates with iCloud And many more features will be added soon! Coming soon: Evernote sync (modify notes already sent to Evernote), Dropbox sync, template passcodes, more kinds of fields, etc. Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Link to Klevernote in the app store. Thanks! Fran
  7. Hi all, I am fairly new to evernote but I am starting to use it more with time. One of the uses I have for evernote is my personal diary. I think it's great because i can write it from my iphone, pc, or from the web, and have it everything in one place. Every day is a new entry, and the title is in the format of YYMMDD. Sometimes I write days from the past, but I would like to have the ability to sort them by name, so they are chronologically arranged even if I wrote them later. The list view would be an excellent place to implement this function, and much more intuitive than a "sort" button, which does not give the option of sorting by name. Thank you for a great work.