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    HI Scott I find the latest version unusable i have tried over 20 docs none of them i can read. Bit if i use Scanbot the difference is between night and day. I can only think it is a massive bug but EN a long way to go . See attached image link 1st pic is Scannable & 2nd Scanbot
  2. Hi Guys I agree with the majority of the comments. I know what they are trying to do but they have removed far too much. If you listen to Phil Libins speech on YouTube he explains why he has gone down this route. But he and his team have got it so wrong. They seem to listen less and less to customers, yes the web was tired looking and needed an update but removing 80% of its functionality beggars belief. But Phil is on some higher plane of re inventing the IT world and knows what its customers want even without listening to them. I am sure with enough comments and feedback they might (i did say might) drag him down from his cloud and wisper the feedback to him. We can only hope, i know i can switch back to old but and some users will need to but i like change especially if its for the better. This is beta after all and the team might listen and add back the functionality that is required. 4 stars for looks -5 stars for functionality Cheers
  3. Hi Guys/Girls Sorry if this is posted elsewhere but a search didn't reveal it for me. I have noticed Check Spelling does not work in Titles for notes!!!! If you run it it says everything is fine but you can have obvious spelling errors in the Title!!! Is this by design or not but seems ***** it doesn't check all text in a note. I know some people hate spell checking but they can turn it off
  4. Hi Dlu I only hope one of the things still to come is reminders because without them its not worth a great deal!
  5. HI Guys Up and running on version 5.1.2 no more crashes well done to all the EN Mac Team for turning this round so quick. We are all very quick to get annoyed (well i am) But at the same time i will be the first to dish out well done and praise and the EN mac team with support have done a good job on this one. Thank You
  6. Yep i have tried that 3 times to be honest
  7. HI GM Please see post http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38290-just-downloaded-and-installed-latest-update-and-evernote-will-not-open-now/ item 11
  8. Hi gbarry I don’t just jump on here without reporting it correctly all logs and file with my ticket Ticket# 41929 - Crashing (ticket #41929) Cheers
  9. Hi gbarry Maybe worth telling people on Mac's not to update until you get it to install without trashing your EN install. How has this got out of Beta seriously ??
  10. Tried everything crash crash crash, talked to chat they say it’s a big issue lots and lots of callers reporting same issue!!! I have tried the remove reinstall but still get crash crash crash issues How do updates get out of beta without testing this. Also why does EN not put a stickie on telling people not to update or remove it till it is fixed? Also advice how to reverse / roll back Come on EN (please) this is not a joke people run businesses from you’re app Thorrrr
  11. Hi Dimitry Nice application when it works mine keeps crashing but i know it’s a beta. Your price model is far to expensive there are numerous ways to achieve what you app is doing for free. I use a free Google script drag tags to my email and it pops up in Evernote correct notebook and tags no sending nothing. I hope you do well but $2 a month for ever is a lot just to send an email. i know your not a charity and Powerbot is a good brand but this is a little over the top imho Good Luck
  12. Hi Guys I notice on the Atlas view in IOS or Mac i have about 600 notes located in my area. When i drill in i see these split up to 25 different areas when in fact they should be my home address. How can i collect all these notes and enter the correct location to them all in bulk? I am struggling to see if this is possible. It would be nice to have an option to set your own location in settings of your home /office. Also i use Windows 8 and would like to know if i can add a default geolocation so all my notes at home are pinned to the correct address . Thorrrr
  13. Hi Guys The new release is a nightmare it keeps crashing. It will not shut down without a Force To Quit ! It works when you open but after 5-10 min just locks and does nothing. I can no longer use it how can I go back please ?
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