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  1. Please see Ticket# 968433
  2. HI Scott I find the latest version unusable i have tried over 20 docs none of them i can read. Bit if i use Scanbot the difference is between night and day. I can only think it is a massive bug but EN a long way to go . See attached image link 1st pic is Scannable & 2nd Scanbot
  3. Hi Guys I agree with the majority of the comments. I know what they are trying to do but they have removed far too much. If you listen to Phil Libins speech on YouTube he explains why he has gone down this route. But he and his team have got it so wrong. They seem to listen less and less to customers, yes the web was tired looking and needed an update but removing 80% of its functionality beggars belief. But Phil is on some higher plane of re inventing the IT world and knows what its customers want even without listening to them. I am sure with enough comments and feedback they might (i did say might) drag him down from his cloud and wisper the feedback to him. We can only hope, i know i can switch back to old but and some users will need to but i like change especially if its for the better. This is beta after all and the team might listen and add back the functionality that is required. 4 stars for looks -5 stars for functionality Cheers
  4. Hi Rgrenader I will take your greatly educated answer as fact shall i? As we have 28 currencies in Europe and mine is sterling. It the kind of sarcastic reply i would expect from person who emanates from a country whose 50% people have never left their own country. But cheers for sharing you highly uneducated remark!
  5. HI Scott My apologies it was no offence intended i know you mention Canada having the same issues. Personally i have never seen the same discrepancies US - Canada compared with US -Europe. But before you start typing i am not in a position to comment on than as i do not live there and have never really tracked US-Canada. I only ever notice due to your location you are always included in shipping from most US companies compared to us in Europe as a lot of US stores don't bother with European trade. I know you never said it wasn't a Rip Off but you tried to give an explanation why it might be so! that wasn't even supplied by EN themselves in the poor unstructured rubbish reply from their marketing team. The Market place is not that new i bought items in 2009 it is just re-branded into an Elitist over priced web-store. If EN think its going to be a new Apple then they are in for a shock EN is brilliant but it is still nerdy to most people. People love to display and show off with iPads and Mac Books and iPhones, but your going to run around shouting from the hill tops i use EN!!! We can drag this on for ever, but there is no point i will vote with my wallet as will may other Europeans. So please accept my apologies saying you from the US Thorrrr
  6. Hi Scott Please please stop trying to justify EN Rip Off tactics We have eBay sellers from China and Hong Kong that have warehouse space in Europe to get quicker shipping and the prices are dirt cheap on most IT products. I think EN has a bigger infrastructure than independent eBay sellers!!!! I guess your from the US and have never suffered from being ripped of by US companies as we are in Europe. I remember Windows 7 Pro was $169 in the US and £359 in the UK; and that's a download. We had a Ford forget which model was made here in Europe sold in the US $9,999 but was £18,999 here I could go on and on with examples and to be honest wasn't going to reply any more to this thread. But i find it annoying why you try to make up excuses for EN and its pricing structure here in Europe I actually think the scanner is over priced in the US. Its a scanner at the end of the day you can get a good PC for the same cash. The explanation was like something made up with no concrete explanation (i guess because they are ashamed) I only hope EN users here in Europe vote with their wallets and not buy one. But at the end of the day we are stuck with it and for me a EN Premium user since 2008 has taken the shine of the company. Cheers Thorrrr
  7. Hi gbarry Can you please elaborate as a person that ships item in from China and the Asian peninsular i am intrigued to what other prices other than import duty and VAT you have to consider! I am not sure if you know but people in Europe have electrical items that are produced in the Far East. We are aware that our US cousins get a better deal in price normally about 10 to 20 difference. And yes that is the global economy we live in. But i am sorry when i see a 45% difference (that includes your sales tax this time ) that is a Rip Off! I have bought many items from the US and never ever seen such markups. But i gather from your reply your happy to apply those mark-ups and put it down to taxes , tariffs and stuff like that. Cheers for your reply
  8. Hi gbarry I have never hears so much ***** in all my life you really must think we are stupid in Europe. So now your telling us that we have special Scanner taxes in Europe and add special Scanner Tariffs and to quote you "and the like" whatever that is!!!!! Competitively priced get a grip i would prefer you didn't reply than come back with rubbish like that. I bought a Scansnap S300 it was $19 more expensive here than the USA and it didn't have any special Scanner taxes or tariff's and things like that. I take it the guy in Marketing had a red nose ,size 20 shoes and squirted water out of a flower when he was telling you this. Anyway credit to you for feeding this ***** back. A very disappointed European Evernote Premium Customer. P.S I have just spoken to Inland Revenue business team they have no knowledge of any Special Taxes or Tariffs or things like that for Scanners!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi Scott OK so i added the average of the US Sales Tax and it work out at 45% more expensive!!! Still a major rip off IMHO
  10. Hi Scott I posted this 30 June 2014 which is 7 days ago, i do not think any investigation is taking place rather the leave longer enough people will forget. I would not think the investigation would take longer than 1 day in total. Scott in relation to retailer's in the UK it is a mixture many supply price without VAT so they hit higher in the Google shipping pages. Only large retailer add VAT into the price, but the wholesale stores all show without VAT. Thorrrr
  11. I'm checking out the prices you quote now, and am checking on our scanner price in particular to make sure the numbers quoted are correct, because that % difference is big enough that it merits a quick investigation with the Market team. However--there are two things missing from your quoted numbers--the amounts you post for US prices are without sales tax, meaning the quoted difference between US and EU price leaves out US tax. The rest of the % difference across every item can be accounted for by VAT, which should be included in the "Evernote Selling" price in your graph. VAT rates can bump up the price significantly. We're not trying to do anything funny with the numbers to rip off EU customers. Hi gbarry I can understand the other items and in my original post i mention this. But some of you items are made in Europe as such we harmonised tax and vat rules that would make them cheaper! But back to my main issue i can see no way how you get 64% mark-up whatever you come up with it is wrong. It is a known fact the US companies over charge European customers and many have been prosecuted or referred to European Courts. I did say i never believed EN was that type of company but your figures make me re think that! I will be interested in what you find during your investigation. Thorrrrr
  12. Hi Scott I contacted them first and i am awaiting a reply if i ever get one. I am not asking for help but looking to see how other member's feel especially European member's being expected to pay these "Rip Off" prices. If enough people make there point it might get EN executives to review the price structure. Or are you saying this does not belong in the forum ? Thorrrr
  13. Hello Guys Well just i just got notified EN has a Market Place for Europe. eMail Quote "Evernote has opened new shipping centers to reduce fees, and to get products like these into your hands faster." I thought great how unusual a US company actually reducing fees for European Customers, but then i thought but it is Evernote they like to think outside the box. But i was so wrong remember what they say "reduce fees" well how about 64% more expensive for the scanner or 27% more for the Jot Script. Please before you EN die-hards all jump in with your ***** about Import , and other charges don't. I run a successfully eCommerce and sell worldwide so i know my area and how companies have shipping warehouse and tax breaks and everything else. I am sure Americans think we are all stupid here in Europe and have money to throw away. There is no excuse for 64% mark-up on an item, it is wrong and EN you should be ashamed of yourself. I get 10 to 15% to cover some costs but 64 and 27% is an insult and makes your sales slogan look a little silly. I know i will get a load of flack from the EN can do no wrong brigade or the comments well you don't have to buy. I am just appalled on how EN view its European customers and the disdain it has towards it pricing policy over here in Europe. I would welcome other European Customers views. See attached the full list and price difference Thorrrr
  14. Hi Guys/Girls Sorry if this is posted elsewhere but a search didn't reveal it for me. I have noticed Check Spelling does not work in Titles for notes!!!! If you run it it says everything is fine but you can have obvious spelling errors in the Title!!! Is this by design or not but seems ***** it doesn't check all text in a note. I know some people hate spell checking but they can turn it off
  15. windows

    Hi Dlu I only hope one of the things still to come is reminders because without them its not worth a great deal!