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  1. When I am using Evernote to collect data or to write some long text, I open a note in a separate window and start writing. I usually close or minimize main window with note list. (One of the reasons - Evernote glitches that I see more often if two windows are showing my single note while I am editing it). Then I need to switch to some other window. After I got the information I need I want to switch back to my note. I usually click on Evernote icon in the launch bar. And in this case I see my last Evernote window for a fraction of second (which I expect to see) and then the note list is always brought to front. That is annoying I should say and distracts a lot. I think that this behaviour appeared several months ago, before it was better.
  2. In note lists I have two columns "note created" and "note updated" in the following format Thursday 20 October 2016 at 12:40 There are two problems: - this is not good for eye scanning because all key fields like "day" and "time" are not aligned and in the middle of the string - the note list is messy. Too much text near note titles. I would like to clean it up Please consider using some format like we have in file lists in Finder/Windows explorer. E.g. "01 Dec 2014 20:29", those are well tested in UX labs. Or to provide a customization option. P.S. Note size is something to consider also. It's better to remove decimal part or to provide right aligned number of bytes with space separator between every 3 digits. Thank you!
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