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  1. I think this thread is very much related to another recent thread started by myself, which hasn't really been answered or addressed by the moderators or the EverNote techs to any satisfying degree: search results - highlighting mask is offset i hope this link works (otherwise, search for "mask" in the Evernote for Mac forum). Cheers, -J. P.
  2. Good point indeed! Most of my entries into Evernote are via the "print" menu and then using "save pdf to Evernote" (no croping as such occurs). Since most of my documents are entered this way, I have been seeing this mask off-set behavior a lot, while, indeed, documents entered differently (either directly or forwarded as e-mail) do not seem to suffer from this behavior! Does this help a bit!? Thanks!
  3. I was wondering if anybody else had noticed this issue: when I am searching for a bit of text among my notes (using the search field at the upper right corner), I get the results back where the found bit of text is highlighted by Evernote (by overlaying everything else with a grey semitransparent layer) to help my eyes find the hits. Good idea! The problem is just that the highlighting openings in the mask (i.e., the open spaces in the gray semitransparent layer) are not highlighting the found bit of text, but are offset by up to about 1 cm (half an inch) - see the attached screenshot where I looked for the word "test" - all highlighting windows are about 1 cm BELOW the found instances of "test". Any idea where this problem stems from? Is it a local problem or is it a bug? Any pointers are appreciated! Thanks! -J.P. OSX 10.7.3, MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 DUo 2.66 GHz (mid-2009), Evernote for OSX 3.0.6
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