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  1. Yeah, I normally use evernote on my smartphone and tablet, checked them both and it's still not there
  2. Wait if I create a new account, wouldn't it just be a completely new account as in i can't write on notebooks from the other account? I tried going into the previous version too but unfortunately it's still not there
  3. Thanks for the reply I can't seem to find the notes I wrote for the past few days still :(, checked all accounts (I always normally login via Google) I just see all the work I done about 3 days ago, but not anything after that
  4. Hi guys, I created a notebook on the web version and worked on it via my phone and tablet through the past few days and when I look at it now, all the notes I wrote are missing, I checked all devices and web version but can't find it Is there anyway to recover this without having to buy premium? Thanks
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