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  1. Thanks for moving the discussion @DTLow. Apologies, I was not aware of the Mac Feedback forum. Confirming: when I click on the Helper, I get a floating dropdown scratchpad appear, with various options selectable at the top. I choose the 3rd one (icon: iMac with cross-hairs on it), which allows me cross-hairs to select a region of my screen. Then I click the "Save to Evernote" button on the dropdown, and the clipping 'disappears'. In the past, when I open Evernote on that same machine, voilà, all my clippings since I last opened Evernote are visible in my default location/folder/notep
  2. I'm using Evernote 6.13.3 on macOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra). I use the Evernote helper in the top menu bar to take clippings, and when I later open the main Evernote program, all the clippings are there waiting for me. Or used to be... but no longer. Sometime over the past month or so, this functionality stopped working: - The Helper is still in my menu - It still takes clippings - But they are NOT present in the main Evernote program when I open it UNLESS - If I have the main Evernote program running in the background when I use the Evernote helper, then it DOES work, AN
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