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  1. I like to format my notes with the time in a format that will sort. I use this format: 2020-10-28 The new default format is October 28, 2020 I used the System Preferences/Language & Region/Advanced/Dates and set the Long format to "2020-06-01" Then use ⇧ ⌘ D to insert my date into the note or note title. This worked perfectly until this week when I foolishly updated. I say foolishly since I use this function many times a day for my job.
  2. I often want someone else to read my note on the iPad, so i hand it to them and they end up modifying/deleting part of my text inadvertently. I also have notes that I reference often, but rarely edit. In both of these cases I NEED a read-only option for these notes.
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