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  1. These are key features that are missing in order of importance. No search panel to search JUST the current stack (the 'stack:' command does not seem to work anymore either) Cannot lock important reference notes to prevent inadvertently editing of key information Cannot set custom date formats (that order properly when listing) Cannot create code blocks Cannot set custom colors that match those my company uses. Cannot set the order of the icons for editing, lists, etc.
  2. I like to format my notes with the time in a format that will sort. I use this format: 2020-10-28 The new default format is October 28, 2020 I used the System Preferences/Language & Region/Advanced/Dates and set the Long format to "2020-06-01" Then use ⇧ ⌘ D to insert my date into the note or note title. This worked perfectly until this week when I foolishly updated. I say foolishly since I use this function many times a day for my job.
  3. I often want someone else to read my note on the iPad, so i hand it to them and they end up modifying/deleting part of my text inadvertently. I also have notes that I reference often, but rarely edit. In both of these cases I NEED a read-only option for these notes.
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