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  1. thanks for the reply. Wow, so the dictionary is not stored to my account (via cloud)? I use evernote on multiple computers, which explains why I am constantly adding words to my dictionary.
  2. I have 100+ stacks in my notebooks and would love to be able to right click "Notebooks" and be able to collapse all. I know I cannot be alone in this. Thanks so much for listening to my suggestion.
  3. Thanks gazumped. Yeah, technical terms but thing is MS Word / OneNote does not flag these terms. I am using installed version and I have premium. I am seeking a way to improve Evernote's native dictionary functionality.
  4. Hi gazumped. I am able to do this but I have to do it 10-50 times a day to add words, unfortunately.
  5. Is there a dictionary integration for evernote? I would like to download a dictionary I can plug into the software so it stops flagging correctly spelled words. (Evernote thinks foundational is not a word)
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