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  1. IFTTT can only trigger on creating a new shared note link. So that's not an option in this case. I did tell @IFTTT about this thread so maybe they can expand on this. I think the best alternative at the moment is Evernote's Activity Feed. And I would appreciate more attention to things like this, I stumbled upon this post because of a response to a post I wrote on Postach.io. Some people won't notice RSS is gone and probably depend on it to signal changes.
  2. For what it's worth I just assumed the three differences are still applicable as there is a KB-article explaining why the web clipper wasn't installed by using the Mac App Store version and because Evernote is pointing to a dmg instead of the Mac App Store version itself. I explained in our book the main difference is the ability to join the beta track. One can work around the other two differences by installing the web clipper manually and by using the AppleScript that adds an alias in a folder to add "Save PDF to Evernote" as a printing option.
  3. Thanks for the reply, notification is working for me now I'm sure there are differences because the app version might not be able to follow the beta track. But I'm talking about these three differences only: * Install the Safari Web Clipper by clicking the option in Preferences > Clipping * The global Print to PDF menu will currently not include Evernote as a destination * There is no option to join the Evernote Beta track
  4. I missed this reply, probably no notification I was wondering whether these three differences still apply because I'd like to inform people what the differences are (if there are any). Writing a book on Evernote. So that's why I'd rather not switch, because I'd have to switch back and forth
  5. I was wondering whether these three differences still apply. I read switching between both apps is difficult so I'd rather not try
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