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  1. I've found this to be an easy way to get this functionality back: Open Automator and create a new Print Plugin. Add a Run Applescript action to the workflow and paste the code from this site, http://www.thoughtasylum.com/blog/2010/5/11/send-to-evernote-on-mac-os-x.html, in to the Applescript code window, replacing what was there. Save the workflow as whatever you want it to be called in the print menu, perhaps Send to Evernote. When you select print from an app your new action should be available from the PDF drop down. One note, the applescript sends your print jobs to a notebook called Auto Import. You can use a different notebook by changing the notebook name on line 5 of the Applescript. This works for me using the latest version of Evernote from the App Store on Mountain Lion 10.8.2.
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