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  1. I cannot get my Evernote to sync anymore on my Dell laptop. I am using the Desktop app. And when I try to go to www.evernote.com (have tried both Chrome and Explorer) I get the error: “this site can’t provide a secure connection. Evernote.com sent an invalid response. Try running Windows Network diagnostics. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” What could be wrong? I am using my work laptop. Other colleagues can access www.evernote.com without issues.
  2. Wow!! Thanks!! The 3 finger double tap works for me on my iPhone!!
  3. Presently once something is deleted using Evernote in iPhone, it’s quite hard to get it back! Accidental deletions frequently occur. I know we can SHAKE the device to make the undo button pop up. But this is very undignified in meetings or on public transport. Can we please have a little undo button instead which we can elegantly tap?
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