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  1. still has the same issue it has always had since version 6.x.x.x icon disappears in old versions of firefox. I specificaly use FF28. If you are not going to fix this problem for older versions of Firefox you should put a minimun version requirement in place. Right now your add-on says it works with Firefox 26 and newer.... which is false.
  2. I have the same problem with Firefox 28 on win xp and win 7, the toolbar icon and any where else evernote should display it doesn't display at all. I tried the .17 beta and nothing changed... web clipper is completely useless. So I rolled back to 5.9.1
  3. Still does not display as a toolbar icon or in the right click menu or any where evernote could be used.... Not sure what this beta is supposed to fix because all it did was to continue to make the web clipper completely useless in Firefox. So I rolled back to version 5.9.1 and all is well again in Firefox 28.
  4. FINALLY a solution! thanks Bill!
  5. I have tried that and the "1" is still there. There needs to be away to reset the add-on and that would solve this stupid problem.
  6. Well we are over a week now since I started this thread... and no response. I am now annoyed enought by looking at the stupid "1" on the evernote icon I am deleting the clipper add-on. Guess the bookmarklet will have to do the job.
  7. With windows xp, Firefox 19.0.2 and the most recent Clipper "Uploading Unsaved Clips" will not go away. I have uninstalled and installed the add-on. How do I fix this problems?
  8. I can confirm your problem with version the close button does NOT work any more.
  9. excellent news! I am using the old version at the moment. It's kinda of works but it has some issue. hopefully it will keep me going until the new web clipper add-on is released.
  10. Will there ever be an update for the Web Clipper so it works with new Mozilla Thunderbird 5?
  11. When i click the "options" for the clipper i get nothing but a gray box. see screenshot do I get this because the app is installed?
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