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  1. Thanks, jefito, for the prompt reply. I do have screenshot option, which is a work around, but more steps. In addition, I'd like to clip the image file as-is without my trying to lasso it exactly. Ideal is that in that pop up, display notebook selector, let me choose, then Evernote updates it in the background. Right now, I have many images in the wrong notebook, need to take the time to organize them, prevents me from having the purely warm and fuzzy Evernote feeling.
  2. I right-click "Evernote Web Clipper > Clip Image to Evernote" to clip images often and sometimes Evernote does choose the correct notebook based on context. But many times the default First Notebook is chosen. I would like to be able to click a drop down to choose the correct notebook, and Evernote will update the clip to the selected notebook. Using Win 10 and Chrome. Thanks!
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