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  1. 1 Evernote user doesn't want a multi-colored UI, but does want 3.0.0 Beta 2 8)
  2. You can try Maximizer from chpwn.com and get full-screen with Evernote http://chpwn.com/apps/maximizer.html Behavior is quirky when popping up a new window, but it largely works as expected until Evernote has native support. - Barry
  3. I've been using Veritrope's Mail-to-EN Applescript and Red Sweater's Fastscript app for a long time and it was a fantastic solution. If you're on an email you like, just slam a hotkey (I used Shift-CMD-E) and - boom - you would instantly get a very nicely formatted new Evernote in your inbox with attachments and everything. Fantastic. just what I wanted. Unfortunately, it's now broken in Lion for reasons likely similar to the malfunctioning CMD-CTL-V. It's at the top of my list to get fixed, for sure... totally busted my workflow. Forwarding through Evernote's servers yields a much slower, less-complete result. - Barry
  4. Probably a matter of personal taste, but I prefer it here as in Mail and Safari... the eye focuses on the content, not the "chrome", when icons and menu bars are muted.
  5. That actually works! I couldn't paste in a link from my Clipboard History app, but using the app you suggested and dragging in the link works. Awesome!
  6. I quit Evernote and the Evernote Helper, and just moved the downloaded new Evernote.app hotness into my Applications directory. I started that up and it is working just fine. - Barry
  7. Things displays the text and not the URL, which fills me with furious anger and a desire for great vengeance.
  8. Check out Better Touch Tool... you can tie gestures to keystrokes using that product. For example, earlier I set the three-finger right and left swipes in Evernote to tie to Cmd-] and Cmd-[ respectively to navigate back and forth. Plus, BTT is free and comes with a window snapping tool. Great stuff. - Barry
  9. Hear, hear on the Mac toolbar issue. I sent a bug report in myself about six months ago on this during 2.0 Beta testing.
  10. If there is Applescript support for it yet, I can't find it. It doesn't look like the Note object has any new attributes.
  11. I was able to get the link to open via Things on the Mac. This is fantastic. The next question is whether there will be Applescript support to pull the link URL so you can automate setting up links in other apps. - Barry
  12. Converted over a 5000-plus note database yesterday and so far things are going well. Could just be my imagination, but start-up seems faster. Filed one minor bug but no disastrous crashes so far. I'm loving the better configurability of the left-hand pane and the stacks. Hopefully better organization tools will let me dump Read It Later and Starred posts in Google Reader, and just route everything into Evernote. The synchronized Shared Notebooks is going to be huge for Evernote.
  13. I've tried tons of different systems including Nozbe and Things. I'm now giving Egretlist a try (iPhone app) along with a bunch of saved searches within Evernote itself, and waiting anxiously for Egretlist's iPad app.
  14. I use Shift-CMD-V when pasting which seems to do the trick. - Barry
  15. If nothing else, at least know you're not alone. I'm getting the same thing this morning. Evernote was working fine last night, but there's nothing on the status page: http://status.evernote.com - Barry
  16. For what it's worth, there's a product called Nimbulist for the iPhone and iPad which is a dedicated sort of checklist creator for Evernote. I've been using it for grocery lists and quick to-dos. I don't believe it's in Trunk, but it's available in the App Store. - Barry
  17. A very popular request and exactly the reason why I periodically scope out this forum, as well as beta-testing Evernote. I keep checking back, hoping I can see something like this, which is the last key thing Evernote needs to become my universal in-box. Here's another thread on the subject, which quickly turns into people requesting the ability to drag and drop Evernote docs into Omnifocus. I'm a "Things" user myself, and reaaaaally want to see this. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7057
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