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  1. Yes, I see it on right-click. The behavior seems gone from the top menu bar on the Mac, though. Barry
  2. Was the old-style note link wiped out in this release? Used to be that pressing ALT while looking at the Note Menu would provide an alternate (old school) evernote:// link. Now it seems to be limited to the http:// links. Barry
  3. Public Beta 2 of Sierra (released today) fixed the problem for me. Scansnap for Evernote didn't crash and saved the document into the Evernote.
  4. Replaced with the version from your downlaod link, same result. - Barry
  5. Yosemite, latest release. Got this directly through evernote when the "New Version" dialog popped up. - Barry
  6. Getting the exact same result here. Need to get back to 6.0.11 or get a fix.
  7. Just wanted to thank both of you for the quick response! I'm going to try this right now.
  8. I recently changed jobs, and had several shared Evernote databases in my old job that I've exported and removed from my workspace. However, tags from these old shared notebooks remain in my Evernote on the Mac (not on the web) and cannot be removed. When attempting to remove an old shared tag, I get a dialog saying "Can't delete 'tag'. This tag is in a shared notebook". An option to remove the tag from all notes exists, but it still doesn't delete the tag. There are solutions to this in the Windows forum that involve the use of a debug option to optimize the Evernote database, but I've never seen anything similar here. Anyone have any ideas? I've got a ton of these old dead tags and I want them outta here! - Barry
  9. This is great! Powerpoint and Word inline displays seem to be running well. Excel XLS files display as a blank area, and XLSX just shows as an attachment. What would be cool is a little application icon in the top corner of the display of the Office doc, so you can tell at a glance if you're dealing with a Word, PPT, Excel, or PDF file. They all display the same way, and you have to right click to tell a PDF from a Word doc or PPT doc.
  10. I use a Mail to Evernote applescript (adapted from what's in the Veritrope applescript library). That is attached to a keystroke via the Fastscripts app. So, Shift-Command-E pushes an email to Evernote, complete with formatted headers and a URL link back to the email in Mail.app. Works like a charm. - Barry
  11. On the Mac, Everfinder has this sort of capability. It's available in the App Store.
  12. The developers at Zendone seem to have a pretty good grasp on what needs to be done next. The key issue with them will be having resources to do everything that needs to be done in order to compete (iOS apps, Android support, etc). It's a great start and clearly a leap beyond other attempts that have been made to interface Evernote to GTD apps. Evernote plays a central role in Zendone vs. Nozbe and others where it simply serves as a project or task notes tool. Zendone "gets" the use of Evernote as a universal in-box. I'd echo Owyn in saying that it's not quite ready to debut yet, but I've already switched to it because it's structured so well for my workflow.
  13. I've written a couple of Applescript connectors for Evernote and Things, and there's another one out there that focuses just on to-do items that you create in Evernote. Here's an example of one which I use fairly frequently. It could use some refinement, but is a starting point if you want to roll your own: https://culturedcode.com/forums/read.php?7,53080 - Barry
  14. Hello, kindred spirit. There's a little thread on this in the developer's forum: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=26339 I put in a little hacky workaround if you've got the note you want to link selected in the UI. - Barry
  15. One alternative is to use an iPad and a program like Noteshelf, which has built-in export to Evernote.
  16. Did you download the previous version from the Mac App store? Apps downloaded from the store typically don't have a "Check for Updates" menu item because that is all governed by the App Store, and Apple wants you downloading any updates through there. - Barry
  17. Nozbe.com also integrates with Evernote, and they're beta testing a Windows client for it as well.
  18. I don't work for Evernote, but from my perspective, this is a relatively small blip on the radar for a company that is doing a nice job dealing with explosive growth in users while trying to serve users on a stunning number of platforms. Evernote isn't taking the easy way out - they're building slick native apps in all of the platforms they cover, attempting to take advantage of the strengths of those platforms. I've been very impressed with the way they're managed, and the way they manage growth. Having led large developer teams and developed cross-platform software architectures myself, it's amazing how well they've kept up overall. You're not seeing those scalability issues that haunted Twitter, or helped to derail Myspace, or still afflict Tumblr. From a customer standpoint, our inconveniences have been relatively minor in supporting a product that provides truly unique functionality. Sure, you can try SpringPad, or Yojimbo, or a number of other products that sort-of do what Evernote does. EN's focus on making itself a platform and providing various ways to integrate (or to channel Ballmer "developers, developers, developers") make it far more useful than those products in my workflow, and I've tried 'em all. So, if going three or four weeks without a native clipper makes you want to chuck the platform away, do it up. To me, it's a minor irritation that makes me use Chrome a bit more for a few weeks.
  19. The favorites bar is a terrific addition. Just outstanding, and consistent with Mail.app. BTW, Evernote for MacOS Beta doesn't play well with the Maximizer SIMBL add-in. If you were like me and installed that to give Evernote full-screen capabilities prior to this Beta, you will want to uninstall it. When installed, new or opened notes in full-screen mode will go to a new space, and you will have to quit Evernote to get back to your note listing. - Barry
  20. Terrific progress in this release. Things are coming together.
  21. Tried debugging it and talked to Mr. Veritrope about it. It's related to the focus bug, I'm sure... evernote simply doesn't respond at a certain point in the script. It was similarly broken by Lion although the Applescript dictionaries remain the same. In any event, the mail forwarding is a good solution for a lot of use cases, but not all of them.
  22. My $0.02: The forwarding solution (1) doesn't include a URL link back to the mail as native solutions do, (2) has a non-trivial delay associated with it, as the mail doesn't arrive to a local copy until the next time you sync, (3) adds another level of indentation to the text and (4) is more cumbersome than using a hotkey. Whether this stuff is a big deal to you probably depends on how you use Evernote. My approach is get information out of my mailbox, RSS readers, etc, into Evernote constantly throughout the day. Everything gets routed there, and then gets processed into my to-do list at various points during the day. I'm pushing mail into Evernote dozens of times a day so, for my workflow, it's a lot better to a native solution rather than forwarding mail. I've been using forwarding as a workaround while Evernote gets the bugs worked out, but had been hopelessly spoiled by being able to push a well-formatted and linked email instantly to Evernote with a keystroke.
  23. By far the most critical issue for me is that global hotkeys still don't work in Lion, which complicates using Evernote as a universal in-box a great deal. Is this a particularly difficult issue to deal with in Lion? - Barry
  24. Building on what Metrodon wrote, fullscreen mode is a great idea in a lot of ways, but should probably more appropriately resemble the iPad's user interface. The notecard layout is cool, but double clicking to read a note pops up a window, which then (slowly. thanks to Lion's animation) becomes full-screen itself. Closing the window returns to the desktop and you have to move back over to Evernote's full-screen window. Unless my installation isn't behaving as intended, it's a very cumbersome interface. I like the original thinking on display here, but quite a bit of refinement is needed. - Barry
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