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  1. I started experiencing this behaviour today, too. Like JBB above, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Evernote clipper extension several times, restarted Safari, signed in/out, tried gallery/developer versions and restarted my Mac. The only other extension installed in Safari is 1Password. Versions: - Evernote clipper: 6.12.4 - 1Password: 4.6.11 - Safari: 11.0 (13604.
  2. Hello! Unlike previous versions of Evernote, Notebooks do not remain highlighted after clicking to select. Looking to the top of the Notes pane is the new way to determine which Notebook is currently displayed. The Windows version of Evernote ( maintains the highlight on a Notebook name when in List View. Is there a reason the Notebooks in the Mac version do not remain highlighted? Or am I missing something (a preference to return the old behaviour, etc)? I'm using: - Evernote for Mac (Mac App Store edition 5.0.5) - View menu, Notes, List View Many thanks! peter
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