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  1. I started experiencing this behaviour today, too. Like JBB above, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Evernote clipper extension several times, restarted Safari, signed in/out, tried gallery/developer versions and restarted my Mac. The only other extension installed in Safari is 1Password. Versions: - Evernote clipper: 6.12.4 - 1Password: 4.6.11 - Safari: 11.0 (13604.
  2. Hello! Is there a method or option for disabling the Heads-Up-Display type progress of a web clip being synced from Safari on Mac OS X? Its NOT the growl notification - those are controlled via the Growl System Preference Pane. When the progress of the web clip completes, the Heads-Up-Display changes to "Clipped WebPageName": View Edit Close. I would like that clipping message to disappear rather than stay on-screen. Has anyone worked out whether or not this is possible? If so, how is it done? If not, can we please have a preference setting for disabling it or configuring it to disappear after a second or two? Thanks! peter
  3. Please allow toolbar customization. Removing features that I use reduces the reasons I use Evernote. Thank you!
  4. I'll buy Penultimate for Android when it becomes available. Can you include support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with S-Pen, please? Evernote advertised (link) for a programmer to develop Penultimate for Android but theres no indication when the job posting was created. Anyone know when that appeared? -Peter
  5. Hello! Unlike previous versions of Evernote, Notebooks do not remain highlighted after clicking to select. Looking to the top of the Notes pane is the new way to determine which Notebook is currently displayed. The Windows version of Evernote ( maintains the highlight on a Notebook name when in List View. Is there a reason the Notebooks in the Mac version do not remain highlighted? Or am I missing something (a preference to return the old behaviour, etc)? I'm using: - Evernote for Mac (Mac App Store edition 5.0.5) - View menu, Notes, List View Many thanks! peter
  6. Though its more steps, another (possibly temporary) work around for this might be: - anything you wish to clip to Evernote, send instead to Instapaper or ReadItLater - in the Instapaper/ReadItLater Android apps or corresponding web apps, send/share the item to Evernote The advantage to this approach: you don't end up with the complete webpage copied to Evernote; instead, only the article on the page is sent and its much tidier than using the print version of the article (which is often PDF-based or unavailable). But a native plug-in/extension/webclipper for Dolphin HD would be best - like iCab web browser for iOS's equivalent of extensions for Evernote and Instapaper sharing. P.S. While using iOS devices, I really hoped that such fairly constant work-arounds as these would not be necessary under the widely-hailed "open" Android platform. Sadly, discovering the reality of the "open" hype required "seeing for myself" - I bought an Android phone (Nexus S) and a tablet (Xoom). No-one in the blogosphere seemed capable of distinguishing between the facts and the hype in anything less than a partisan way.
  7. Thank-you, Heather! I still have NEVER been able to click the 'Link this notebook' link from the free account despite having: - uninstalled all FireFox & Safari extensions (there was only one (1Password); she's never installed Adblockplus) - sent the invite to the email address with which the free Evernote account was configured - not successfully linked the notebook already due to never being able to actually access the 'Link to this notebook' link The link is still going away. However, out of the blue, ALL the shared notebooks I had created suddenly appeared in both Evernote Web and Evernote for Mac. It appears that the process for sharing notebooks DOES NOT require clicking the 'Link this notebook' link in order to have the notebook appear in Evernote for Mac's Shared tab. (I have to conclude this since I've never actually clicked the 'Link this notebook' but the notebooks are appearing in Evernote for Mac's Shared tab nonetheless) I'm confident that I did nothing to cause the shared notebooks to appear. I left everything alone the moment I posted my last question; when I read your response I fired up Evernote for Mac on my girlfriend's MacBookPro and found the shared notebooks under the Shared tab. Perhaps the notebook sharing facility on the Evernote servers was simply slow to respond for some reason (three days had passed since I created and shared the first notebook; I created the second and third notebooks today after reading Dave's reply but before receiving yours). So, I deleted all the notebooks created during my previous attempts and successfully created, shared and accessed a new one just now. Woohoo! However, the 'Link this notebook' link still did not appear in the web browser. Based on my experience this week, these are the steps I (premium account) followed to share a notebook to an Evernote user (free account): - create a notebook in a web browser - configure sharing on that notebook - configure the invitation so that the user can modify the notebook AND tick the box to require that they log into Evernote - send the invitation - have the user click the link in the invitation email to load the notebook in their default web browser - soon (though maybe not immediately) the shared notebook will appear in their Evernote for Mac desktop client Could it be that the 'Link this notebook' link does not appear in the web browser because the activation URL automatically does the 'link' step? Perhaps this automatic 'link' requires that the invitation be configured to require the user to log into Evernote? Whatever the reason, I now have it working thanks to the saint-like patience and help of you (Heather), Dave and Librarienne. My forehead is gone soft from beating it on my desktop in frustration but there's probably a hockey helmet around I can wear to prevent further brain damage. Ha! I hope these posts help others finding themselves in similar circumstances rather than just giving someone a nosebleed due to my persnicketiness. I've been waiting for the new editable notebook sharing feature for years! Thank-you! -peter
  8. Thank-you Dave! The "Link this to my account" link does not remain on-screen in the free Evernote Web account long enough to click it - the link appears briefly in the top-right corner of the shared notebook but by the time the page completely loads, it has disappeared. In all, the link is onscreen (where I expect it) for about 1 second - try as I might I can't get it to work. I have duplicated this behaviour in Safari 5.03 for Mac and FireFox 3.6.13 for Mac. Why would this happen? Perhaps a conflict with an extension? The only FireFx extension installed is the 1Password extension; I temporarily disabled the extension but the "Link this to my account" link still does not stay in place. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank-you very much for your prompt reply! peter
  9. Wow, thanks very much for the reply, Librarienne! Is your husband's Evernote account free or premium? I don't know anyone who has a premium Evernote account - otherwise I would have run some tests - so I really appreciate your feedback! I haven't been able to load my shared notebooks from my girlfriend's Evernote for Mac - her Evernote account is the free version whereas mine is the premium version. Thank-you! peter
  10. Hi Dave! Thanks for the reply! However, I was already aware of the 'set default notebook' preference - as I stated in the first paragraph of my original post. Sorry it wasn't clear! My interest is in selection of a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis. The official Safari clipper does not allow users to select a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis. However, the selection of a destination notebook on a clip-by-clip basis is available in the official FireFox extension - WHEN it's configured to clip to Evernote Web rather than the local Evernote application. If the extension is configured to clip to the local application, then FireFox simply dumps the clip into Evernote's default notebook. I hope that has clarified the original request. Thanks very much! peter
  11. Hello! I'm a premium Evernote subscriber. I've shared a notebook with my girlfriend (a subscriber of Evernote's free edition). We both use the latest version of Evernote for Mac (2.0). I tried accessing the shared notebook on her Mac but had no luck. I am aware that free users may edit shared premium notebooks via Evernote's web interface - I've tested this and it works for me. However, given the new features of Evernote for Mac 2.0, I'm wondering if it is possible for her to access and edit the shared notebook in Evernote for Mac? If so, how do I go about accessing the shared notebook from her copy of Evernote for Mac 2.0? Thanks very much! peter
  12. Hello! I would like to have the option of selecting the destination notebook when using the Evernote Clipper in Safari for Mac; Evernote offers only the choice of a default notebook for storing clips - requiring that I regularly clean out my default notebook to organize my clippings. According to the product details, FireFox's Web Clipper Extension will send any clips "directly to the local application" if Evernote is installed, rather than to the web application. Could this same FireFox functionality be offered in Safari using either the Safari Clipper installed by Evernote or a new Safari Extension? If I'm not mistaken, the Bookmarklet requires a network connection to clip directly to the Evernote web application. Thanks very much! You guys rock! Evernote rocks! peter
  13. I, too, want to assign multiple tags to a single note with a single step. For example, - a tag called 'Support' - a nested tag called 'LiveScribe' (nested under 'Support') - to apply both tags to a single note I have to type both tags separately into the tag facility of the note - drag and drop a note onto a tag to tag the note with a single tag - Currently, dragging and dropping a note onto a nested tag applies only that nested tag, not both the parent tag and nested tag Rock on! peter
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