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  1. That's fantastic the images were there. Much happier now thank you!
  2. I created a note yesterday and took a couple of photo's - no problem. Today I edited the record and took quite a few more photo's. About 9 of them are there but about another 6 have vanished. This is a real problem for me as I can not take them again & they were important. Not happy at all They are no where on my phone at all. Pretty sure Evernote used to save images in Gallery as well as in Evernote, but not any more? Not sure what if anything can be done but thought I'd report my problem.
  3. Thanks, that's disappointing . I purchased a Tablet just for EN and now find out I can't search when away from my wifi. Arrwell hopefully its something the developers will change in the future.
  4. Thanks for replying BNF. I have a premium account and have 17 of 19 notebooks synced to my device. So how do I search the data on the device whilst off line? Obviously I'm not seeing something, I cant see how to search offline notebooks.
  5. I'm new to the Android Tablet. I needed some info urgently only to find I can not search offline. As my tab only has wirless this is a real problem. I hope this can be rectified.
  6. If you goto settings and try to choose which databases to download to the device there is NO text. So you don't know what databases are selected Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3
  7. I have all my 520 tags sorted into a tree view/hierachy on my desktop. Branch for work, broken up into Safes, Automotive, Electric access control etc (I'm a locksmith) Branch for personal, broken up into Recipes, finances, bookmarks etc etc This make finding them quite simple. Although I do wish applying a lower tag would auto add the tree structure but I can live without it. For the Android a tree view would make much more sense. I would not be forced to look through sooo many tags to find the one I want as the tree view would be mostly closed. Please consider this Tony
  8. Just wondering why Evernotes knowledge base was not available as a shared note book? OR Is it?
  9. As EN can now recognise html addresses it would be great if it could recognise phone numbers and when tapped send it to the phone dialer. Even of we had to put special tags around them.
  10. Thanks guys, Of course that's not all I have tagged. I have pictures of product that are tagged by brand, model and type. A Table of brochures again tagged by brand, model, type. So as you can imagine mixing business with personal and my tag list is growing. I have nested them and that does help to manage them, I was just wondering if I'm going tag mad as search does do a good job, provided the document has the right keywords in it.
  11. Just wondering what is the recommended. I am concerned that I'm going to end up with too many Tags. When do you Tag and when to just rely on search. For example if I have a large number of client records and I want to see all the customers in one suburb. Should I search the suburb name or should I create a Tag for each suburb? Should I search for customers with accounts or Tag them?
  12. Will we see this feature any time soon. I really need this. Being a Safe Technician I have a database of internal pictures and information to open safes. I then have another database for sales brochures. I want to keep this information separate but to link them together would be awesome. I also have many other needs for this feature. ETA Please!
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