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  1. Using Tasker and Intent for absolute beginner

    I give up this is too hard. I have chosen to write a Scene to collect the information needed and just email it into Evernote with Silent Email. This way I can specify Notebook and Tags in the subject. Unfotunately this wont give me the gps for the note but cant have everything i guess.
  2. Using Tasker and Intent for absolute beginner

    Ok I can manipulate an ENEX file but before I go down this path, how do I automatically get Evernote to import that on my Android phone?
  3. Using Tasker and Intent for absolute beginner

    That's amazing, Thankyou! My little app now allows me to press my widget when I arrive on a customers job. Then pressing the widget at the completion of the job and a new Evernote note is created with the start and finish times, GPS co-ordinates etc. I would love to be able to add the tag the note but Tasker only has two fields for EXTRA. and I am using one to set the Title and the second one to set the text. Anyone know how I can combine the two or know how I might tag the note?
  4. Hello, I'm a long time user of Evernote and a new user of Tasker. I have just learnt that I can use Tasker to create a new note! - Yippe I can do that. Can anyone give me an exact example on how to use Tasker to send the EXTRA_TITLE and EXTRA_???? for the body text. If you require more info please ask, I would really like to learn how to do this. I can provide screen shots etc if required.
  5. android Missing images

    That's fantastic the images were there. Much happier now thank you!
  6. android Missing images

    I created a note yesterday and took a couple of photo's - no problem. Today I edited the record and took quite a few more photo's. About 9 of them are there but about another 6 have vanished. This is a real problem for me as I can not take them again & they were important. Not happy at all They are no where on my phone at all. Pretty sure Evernote used to save images in Gallery as well as in Evernote, but not any more? Not sure what if anything can be done but thought I'd report my problem.
  7. android Offline searching does not work the same as Online searching

    Thanks, that's disappointing . I purchased a Tablet just for EN and now find out I can't search when away from my wifi. Arrwell hopefully its something the developers will change in the future.
  8. android Offline searching does not work the same as Online searching

    Thanks for replying BNF. I have a premium account and have 17 of 19 notebooks synced to my device. So how do I search the data on the device whilst off line? Obviously I'm not seeing something, I cant see how to search offline notebooks.
  9. I'm new to the Android Tablet. I needed some info urgently only to find I can not search offline. As my tab only has wirless this is a real problem. I hope this can be rectified.
  10. android (Archived) Evernote for Android v. 3.1 Beta 1

    If you goto settings and try to choose which databases to download to the device there is NO text. So you don't know what databases are selected Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread 2.3
  11. android (Archived) Tag Tree in the Android App

    I have all my 520 tags sorted into a tree view/hierachy on my desktop. Branch for work, broken up into Safes, Automotive, Electric access control etc (I'm a locksmith) Branch for personal, broken up into Recipes, finances, bookmarks etc etc This make finding them quite simple. Although I do wish applying a lower tag would auto add the tree structure but I can live without it. For the Android a tree view would make much more sense. I would not be forced to look through sooo many tags to find the one I want as the tree view would be mostly closed. Please consider this Tony
  12. Just wondering why Evernotes knowledge base was not available as a shared note book? OR Is it?
  13. As EN can now recognise html addresses it would be great if it could recognise phone numbers and when tapped send it to the phone dialer. Even of we had to put special tags around them.
  14. I'm using the latest windows version of EN and my note looks fine. When I open the same note in the web version some lines have different font sizes even though they are all set to the same See image
  15. web (Archived) text and space formatting in web notes

    Try Ctrl + Enter