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  1. My tablet and android market don't always play well or is it the developers sites? Sometimes the developers site will sniff me out as a phone and say that my android appliance / tablet is not compatible. Well, I know for a fact that is not ever the case and when I side load the app, everything is fine. So with EN when my tablet tries to achieve an install --- I get the you are not compatible. For years and years and years EXE application packages were availalbe but all of the sudden, with Android apps the APK has become a secret. Is there anyplace I can download or do a save as with the EN APK.
  2. I gave it a try in FF4 and it works. I clipped some text and it worked. Thank you for fixing it!!!!
  3. Is a SanDisk the only pen drive that EN install to? Why is that because I have some big capicity pen drives but they are not SanDisk. My smallest drive is a SanDisk.
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