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  1. OK, so here's the weird thing. No change, and it's all of a sudden working again. Unless it was an install or change somewhere else or a patch that IT pushed. Maybe a conflict with something else running at the same time. Same vers of OS and same version of EN.
  2. After going to 10.6.6 or 10.6.5? I guess it doesn't really matter, it happened to me with 10.6.5, so I guess I have nothing to loose going to 10.6.6
  3. I previous versions I could find an item using spotlight and drag that link to Things. I could then open that note from the link in Things. It doesn't seem to be functioning now. When clicking on the link (or double clicking the item from a spotlight search) Evernote is brought to the foreground but the note is neither opened nor selected. DN Version 2.0 (116546) OSX 10.6.5 Thanks, Scott
  4. Have you thought of allowing notebooks to be tagged. I think this is a valuable search option. I use "Things" as well and not only can you tag an item you can tag a project so that all items in that project inherit the tag. Use Case: I have several notebooks in Evernote, some are work related (W_project1, W_project2, W_general) and some are personal (P_project1...). If I'm looking for all quotes from a supplier for all work-only projects, I'd want to do a search in all work related notebooks but not personal. If all my work related notebooks had the 'work' tag assigned and thus all notes within that notebook inherited the tag I could search for tags "work" and "quote" and text "company x" and find only work related quotes from company x. I think this would speed up the entering process (don't have to tag each task work or personal) and make searching more flexible.
  5. I too am using Evernote and Things. One thing I haven't been able to do is add a link from an evernote note to a task in Things. Eg. if in Gmail ^space opens a new todo with a link to the email in the notes section. If I do the same from an evernote note, no link. I can't drag and drop. How do you link your Things task to an evernote?
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