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  1. # 3. I back my mac weekly. I dragged the evernote database from my backup to my mac. I replaced my screwed up database with the weekly backup. Great, all my files are back. Except, the web version has the screwed up database, and no matter what I do it replaces my evernote mac database. In other words, desktop evernote is fine now, but syncing ruins it. I don't see a way to force a sync one way to the web. So any ideas?
  2. I had my files in evernote divided among several notebooks. I decided that I wanted to have less notebooks and use tags. So I dragged the files from several notebooks into one. I then got a 'conflicting changes' notebook that I'd never gotten before. I checked help in the menu bar, and amazingly nothing. I deleted the conflicting notebook and lost the files (my fault) and I'd like to avoid that happening again. I don't use the web interface, and haven't used my iphone for evernote in a week. 1. Can someone please explain to me how moving files in evernote on my mac and doing nothing else results in a conflicting changes notebook. 2. How can I solve this if it happens again without losing files. Thanks.
  3. I guess I'll just add my voice to this request, since I haven't in any of the other similar threads. I know the company canned response is to use tags. I do that. It's a workaround. It isn't the same, however, nor is as good a solution. So if the canned response is simply to show a similar alternative, fine. If it's saying that tags are a perfect replacement, that is incorrect. If tags were attached per notebook, it might work better. They're not. I don't even need sub notebooks. Folders that allowed grouping one level deep would do.
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