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    Student Discount

    Evernote is pretty generous when it comes to discounts. A 50% discounts for students? I mean, come on now. That’s pretty cool, right? Yeah, it’s too bad it’s only for premium accounts and it may seem a bit illogical (because students don’t have a lot of money - they just loan them, am I right?). But still, it’s nice of them to offer discounts for students. There are sites like https://amazon.getyourcouponcodes.com/products/deep-fryers that offer coupons and promo codes for just anybody, but that’s another story. I think we should be grateful for what we are offered because not every platform can afford giving such discounts.
  2. Money Tracker feature is a great thing, thanks for sharing. But I’m not very confident with the working process of this thing. Can I ask some questions? For example, if my work is not an official one, I’m earning money via yourmoneygeek.com, can I register it in the tracker? Will it work? It will be nice if this became a habit, be aide I like that everything is organized. My work isn’t at all, it’s just a spontaneous earn of free money, so I need this organization!
  3. is there evernote for pc? I was looking for so many apps available in play store for free, however most of them are charged for pc versions. So, I needed to solve the issue somehow, as I wasn't willing to pay, lol, my style. I figured out that there is a solution, almost impossible, but why not? I've discovered an article on playstoredownload.club which described a simple app allowing to download play store for pc, but with special conditions(also written there for every version of windows system). So, Blue Stacks helped me a lot with in the resolvation of my issue. Try to check it!
  4. Previously, I also used NeuraCache, but then I found a company where the service "Study tab with charts" has long been used and practiced, and I did not make a mistake with the choice. SPOTO company is a modern and modernized service that provides Cisco certification at competitive prices! I advise you not to waste your precious time on backward companies. I'll leave a link so you can read it! https://cciedump.spoto.net/
  5. Absolutely! If you're a paid survey taker, you're even not looking on these 20-minutes-long surveys, unless they're not paid. So, I guess, your main goal by asking people to take your free survey is to collect information, but please make it comfortable for your users! By the way, when it comes to paid surveys, I prefer to find the most reliable companies where I can earn cash for taking surveys. I've encountered a great article on https://yourmoneygeek.com/ and it is perfect for me: all necessary info and reliable sites. Try to check it.
  6. Premium ones are difficult for getting, actualy, but I don't say, that it's even impossible.
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