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  1. So the Plus version is 34.99 per year, Premium is 69.99, maybe Family could be 99.99 for up to 5 users. Business is 12 per user per month so for 5 people that would be 720 per year. But Family version wouldn't need all the Business features like separate personal/business tabs and Single Sign-On. Or you could even have two Family versions - Family Plus and Family Premium, each wilth the same features as Plus and Premium but with a 5-user allowance.

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  2. Hi,

    I noticed that my Evernote for the web photo/avatar (which seems to update the one for this forum if I change it) is different from the one on my Windows Evernote when I look at Account Info (see attached for my Windows avatar which I never changed). Are they supposed to sync? How is the Windows app avatar used?


  3. Hi,

    It was working fine up until 2 or 3 weeks ago, now the codes generated by Google Authenticator aren't recognsed by Evernote. I tried disabling 2 factor authentication and setting up again but same problem. Can anyone help? I raised a support ticket but so far it's still unresolved. I have accounts set up in Google Authenticator for Facebook, Lastpass, Dropbox and others, and they all work fine. I'm using the Android app.

  4. After logging in with FF4, I got a pop-up saying EN hasn't been tested in this browser, that I might notice some unusual behaviour, they cannot guarantee everything will work, EN are working hard to make compatible etc. FF4 has only been out for a few days so that makes sense (I got the same issue as you with the image). Works fine on IE8 though, and I bet it worked in FF before I upgraded to 4! Don't know about Opera though.

  5. The Windows built-in encryption has the following limitations, so I'd say no it's not as good a TrueCrypt, especially the one about copying to a non-NTFS volume (eg. FAT) decrypts the file! These are from here:

    http://www.microsoft.com/resources/docu ... x?mfr=true

    Only files and folders on NTFS volumes can be encrypted. Because WebDAV works with NTFS, NTFS is required when encrypting files over WebDAV.

    Files or folders that are compressed cannot also be encrypted. If the user marks a file or folder for encryption, that file or folder will be uncompressed.

    Encrypted files can become decrypted if you copy or move the file to a volume that is not an NTFS volume.

    Moving unencrypted files into an encrypted folder will automatically encrypt those files in the new folder. However, the reverse operation will not automatically decrypt files. Files must be explicitly decrypted.

    Files marked with the System attribute cannot be encrypted, nor can files in the systemroot directory.

    Encrypting a folder or file does not protect against deletion or listing files or directories. Anyone with the appropriate permissions can delete or list encrypted folders or files. For this reason, using EFS in combination with NTFS permissions is recommended.

    You can encrypt or decrypt files and folders located on a remote computer that has been enabled for remote encryption. However, if you open the encrypted file over the network, the data that is transmitted over the network by this process is not encrypted. Other protocols, such as Single Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) or Internet Protocol security (IPSec), must be used to encrypt data over the wire. WebDAV, however, is able to encrypt the file locally and transmit it in encrypted form.

  6. Typically i like the most important things at the top of a list of todos, quick dial numbers, hot projects and such.

    I know it's not quite what you're after, but how about putting these notes in a separate "current work" or "work in progress" notebook so they're always kept together, and separate from the less important stuff. You can easily drag & drop things in and out as required. Also if you're wanting a to-do list you can create one within a single note with tick boxes for each item.

  7. Hi,

    Just upgraded my Curve 8900 to the latest OS 4.6 and now getting "error communicating with the Evernote servers. You may need to set your carrier's APN" when trying to sign-in. I checked the APN settings for T-Mobile (in the UK) and they're correct and unchanged since before the upgrade. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling EN but to no avail. Anyone know what might be wrong? Other Internet app's are working ok.

  8. How reliably is the EN server data backed up?

    I would ask how reliably do you back up your own data? I would never rely 100% on any 3rd party. As long as what's in the 'cloud' is also on my hard drive, it gets backed-up via my own system along with everything else, Evernote database included. I don't think I would use any cloud based system that didn't allow me to also store the data locally.

  9. Another idea if you wanted them in separate notes - copy & paste them all into one note first, then highlight each URL in turn and drag the highlighted text down into a new empty note at the bottom of your list (this will make a copy). Then just delete the original URLs. I'm assuming you're on the Windows client.

  10. If you drag a PDF into a note with the right mouse button instead of the left, you have a menu option to attach - this will create an icon for the PDF in the note (like attaching a file to an email) instead of embedding the content. You can then double-click to open in your usual PDF reader software.

    EDIT: Just noticed you're talking about the Mac client, so not sure how this works in that context (is there even a right mouse button on a Mac!?)

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