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  1. I have the Business version so the download button is greyed-out. It says I need to login as administrator to do the upgrade. I used the download link Iriska posted, and did a right-click and run as Administrator rather than login to Windows as Admin. All worked fine so now on 6.22.
  2. Hi, I got a notification that 6.22.3 Public (308816) is available, but the link here - https://evernote.com/download takes me to which I already have. Does anyone know where I can get the latest version? Also the notification says an administrator needs to login to install it - does it mean login to Windows as admin, or can I just run the installer as admin? Many thanks.
  3. Hi, If you're using the Windows version, click the View menu and select "Status Bar". This will show the word count at the bottom of every note.
  4. I'll go ahead and report to Evernote. It came about because I was helping out someone who didn't know how to stop EN from showing note titles when printed. I sent them this screenshot (had to use Windows PrtScn key and paste into a note): http://www.evernote.com/l/AAQxZTD0uYNEmodPGostqf9vFxYeSaUmQ0k/
  5. With the print preview window still open? For me it lets me draw my clip boundary but doesn't create a note. Without the print preview window there it works fine.
  6. Hi, Can anyone confirm this as a bug and if it has already been registered? If you do a print preview of a note, then try to do a clip screenshot, the clip does not work (it looks like it has, but no note is created). This is on EN for Windows (303788).
  7. You can still do speech to text using Dave's suggestion above. For me it meant only 1 additional tap on my Android phone compared to before (to select the speech option from the keyboard).
  8. "If you have two devices connected and log in on a third, you'll see an option screen so you can disconnect one or the other to use this new one." Quote taken from gazumped on this thread: Also don't forget you can still log in to the web version of Evernote on a third device in addition to your existing two devices.
  9. No that's the strange thing, I'm not logged in as admin, I only use that account if I'm prompted to elevate my permissions, eg if I install new software.
  10. Do you know why it might be looking in the wrong place for the database? I guess if it still works for your backups then it's looking in the right place for you. Is it even possible to change the default path that ENScript uses for the database?
  11. Just had a quick chat with EN support and was told that ENScript.exe is no longer supported! Can anyone else confirm?
  12. Hi, Just starting to play with ENScript.exe, but when I run it I get the following: "Can't open database "C:\Users\admin\Evernote\Databases\admin.exb", error: FILE_NOT_FOUND" Is this because of the change in location of the database in a recent update?
  13. Ok thanks for the update, I managed to get it working via the keyboard as Dave suggested.
  14. I don't think I've ever installed the stand-alone version, only the one that the EN installation automatically puts in the widget list - I assume that's the correct one? All the buttons in the widget work ok.
  15. Thanks Matt. I did notice here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget It says "UPDATE: The Evernote Widget is no longer supported. It is now included with Evernote for Android. We recommend uninstalling the Evernote Widget and adding the new and improved widget included within the Evernote app." but not sure how to add the new version? I've just been using the one that appeared in the widget list after installing EN.
  16. Dave, I don't seem to have any speech to text option on the keyboard - I'm using a Galaxy S5 phone. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, but still get the same options in the widget. Very odd. I remember using the speech to text icon a couple of months ago on the same phone so not sure what has happened, other than one or two Evernote updates.
  17. If I click the gear icon, I see the following options: http://www.evernote.com/l/AAToyieb0FdMQqDCz-curmcHSpqOSWLHeFY/ I did try removing tha action bar and adding back in again from the list of widgets but got the same screen.
  18. Hi, I used to have an icon on my Evernote for Android widget that started a speech to text note (as distinct from an audio recording). It doesn't appear to be there any more, anyone know why? Is there something I need to enable on the phone to bring it back (Samsung Galaxy S5).
  19. I'd love to see Box added too, and Dropbox and OneDrive!
  20. Security vs convenience - there always has to be a compromise. The more convenience you want, the less security you get. The more security you want, the less convenience you get. Or convenience is the enemy of security!
  21. If you click the little arrow by the note date/time, it will let you choose between displaying the created date and the updated date - see here:
  22. Another option might be to designate a particular notebook as local only, so it's not synced with Evernote or your other devices.
  23. Hi, If a Premium user is invited to join an Evernote Business account by their employer, does this mean their account effectively becomes free for them, as they are then part of the Business account which is paid for by the company? And if a free account holder is invited to EN Business, is their account effectively upgraded to have the same features as Premium (eg. no limit on number of devices etc)?
  24. Hi, Just added a "New Note" button to my toolbar (the one without the little menu) and noticed it's blue rather than the default colours like the other buttons. Anyone know why? Just curious!
  25. To stop the desktop version running in the background when not in use, just un-tick the option to launch at Windows login
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