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  1. Thx for the quick answer ! I read lot of post on the subject, but I think it's the first I see from the dev team. I apreciate. Ok, so it's best if I don't count on it soon. Thx again for the answer Ltn PS :Speaking for myself : I can't imagine using a notes repository applications that doesn't implement some kind of sub folder and a tag system. Evernote has everything I need except "subnotebooking" Judging by the number of posts on this suject I'm not the only one waiting for this feature. IMHO, you should think seriously about developing this feature (even if it dificult to implement in the a
  2. Hello everybody I understand this is a hot subjet, I read many posts about it, how some people think tags are better,or worse or anything. I don't want to start another pro or con subNotebook threat. I just want to know if this feature will be implemented in the next futur or not. Can someone from Evernote dev team can answer this simple question please ? Thx you Ltn
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