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  1. Hi a few weeks ago I received an email from Evernote, long story short, if I upgraded to premium I would get an extra year of premium services. Is that promotion over? Thanks
  2. @Bruceuuinn: Thanks for all your insight, it looks like I have to "retrain" myself in the way I use EN this is going to be tough...I am also looking into several apps I found on iTunes....none will be the magic bullet but some sound like they maybe useful with organization going forward...as for old notes. I think I may wave the white flag
  3. Please dont laugh (I know to late) I am trying to organize several projects I am working on and of course as I find my research I just "dump" them into EN. Because I have been using EN since it debuted I have always used it as a dump now I want to be able to 1) set up notebooks i.e. Project 1 2) send notes, clippings, pics, audio etc and have them go into "notebook Project 1" so I can see them chronologically 3) Be able to extract task from the notes and me-thinks I just asked for to much :/ Btw thank you so much for responding I truly appreciate it!
  4. Thanks! I have been using EN for so long that unfortunately I do use it as second brain and tags never became a part of how I utilzed my EN and now I find myself in a quagmire. Do I delete years of and countless notes and start over or do I find something else (not gonna happen I ♥ EN to much) I feel like this is going to be a painful process and I was hoping a developer had created an app for "people like me" who just do "brain dumps" into EN. *singing if I could turn back time* :/
  5. I have been using Evernote for years LOVE IT I have made all my friends and my family download it. And they love it as well. I have unfortunately/fortunately used EN as my second brain and it has saved my behind on an infinte number of occassions So what is my problem? My evernote looks like the inside of my brain. I know there are apps like Clearly which helps capturing web sites without the "other stuff" is there an app that allows for organization by: Pages/thoughts/pics from mobile " Computer " iPad " etc Is there any organizational app that allows for EN to be cleaned up of old stuff that isnt needed anymore? I have searched the boards but didnt find anything any help is greatly appreciated
  6. I would like to buy a monthly subscription of evernote as a trial. Does Evernote automatically bill for the following month or does it send a reminder that your monthly subscription is up? Thanks Lisbeth
  7. Thanks for the follow up guys. I appreciate the help. I think I will wait a bit before I sign up for the premium service
  8. Hi, Thanks for the info. So do I also need a scanner? And this is only possible with the premium service? Is that the easiest way to save a mind map on evernote? Seems like a lot of steps. I was hoping for a *click* save type of option Thank you for responding Lisbeth
  9. I am on the fence on whether to upgrade to a premium evernote account. Holding me back? The ability to create mindmaps for some people To Do List's work great but for others who need to brainstorm and dump a bunch of thoughts onto a screen a mind map allows you to begin a framework. I would add the ability to synch between desktops and mobile is a must but that is a forgone conclusion. Give me mindmapping functionality and color me a paid subscriber Evernote. Kudos to a great product that will some day be the leading standard on note cloud synching
  10. I know the Palm Pre hasnt been released but are there any plans to create an application for the Palm Pre! BTW love evernote it is Ab/Fab! Lisbeth
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