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  1. I'm trying to get familiar with using Evernote as a first time user, but after an entire afternoon I am beyond frustrated. - Evernote web crashes about every 10 minutes (I'm on the latest version of Windows 10 with latest version of Chrome) - I tried creating a custom template by following the instruction videos (from Evernote), but the buttons/menu they show in these videos aren't visible on my Evernote. Nowhere in the video, help article, or pricing plan comparison is mentioned that this is a paid feature. Luckily someone on Reddit told me. - I tried adding a reminder to a note as shown in the instruction videos. Again, my (web) evernote doesn't show the little clock. On my android device I can add a reminder, and then a little clock is shown on the web version too, but if I click it I can't edit or cancel the reminder. But according to the evernote help section there should be a little clock on every note. - I'm really trying to make this work because Evernote is recommended by pretty much everyone, so I decided to contact support, but turns out it is only for paying customers (I had already decided to become a paying customer, but after signing up I just started playing around and ran into all these issues. So, I'm holding off for now.) I don't think I have ever been this frustrated setting up an app.
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