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  1. This is request is for more of an aesthetic change, but I'd love to have the option to change the default colors for my note links. My eyes get tired looking at all the green, especially on some notes with lots of note links to other notes. Having color options to choose would be awesome, but I'd be happy even just having a setting that lets me change the note link color from green to something less obtrusive, like a greyscale or something.
  2. Pleexy has a great integration to turn Evernote’s checkboxes into tasks in Todoist, with a great two-way sync. Evernote - please make it possible for programs like Pleexy to integrate with their programs with your new Tasks.
  3. While I would absolutely LOVE it if Evernote integrated a powerful bidirectional linking capability on par with their competitors (Roam, Mem, Obsidian, Notion, Amplenote, and everyone else these days) I know many will argue that Evernote already has note linking features, so this suggestion is to polish and improve what Evernote already has built in with it's native note linking. Currently, it's a pain to link one note into another, as it requires several extra steps than necessary with a lot of flip-flopping back and forth between notes. Why not create a shortcut or feature that allows us to search for and create a link to another note from within our current note? Other programs, like Notion, allow the user to just type the @ or another symbol to search for the note they want to link, hit enter, and there's a link to that note. Evernote already has a powerful "jump to" function would could serve a similar purpose. The shortcut "cmd + J" will open a search menu giving the user the option to search for and jump to a specific note (discovering this feature was a game changer for me in Evernote). I propose Evernote uses this same structure it already has in place, but tweak it so that the same type of search menu can be brought up, but instead of jumping to a different note, selecting the searched-for note will create a link to that note.
  4. I'd love to see this too. It seems like Evernote spends a lot of time pushing table capabilities (nearly all of it's templates available are table-centric), but what we can do with tables is still pretty limited. Personally, I'm not looking for anything as feature-rich as an Excel-type table, but having those options Bteam mentioned like adding a single-select, multi-select, etc. would be great.
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