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  1. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro and transferred all my files. Evernote kept crashing upon opening, so I reinstalled it. However, it continues to crash. I can only have Evernote open for about 3 seconds before it closes and "Evernote quit unexpectedly" Thanks for any help!
  2. I am having the same issue and I only have a MacBook Air and an iPhone. I am now locked out except for the web browser version. I like to sometimes reference Evernote on my phone, which is usually once or twice per month. I guess this month I did this more than twice. I always unsync an iPhone but don't know what it is. Perhaps I'll just delete it from my iPhone and not use the iPhone app. I'll probably just take notes in Apple Notes and move them to Evernote on my laptop later.
  3. Hello, I have 2 devices: my MacBook Air and iPhone. I only use Evernote on my iPhone to reference Evernote a couple times per month when I am not at my computer, but mostly use Evernote on my computer. I would always have to unsync a device and I hit my unsync limit. This is because Evernote sees my iPhone as 2 different devices. Now I cannot access Evernote on my laptop! What do I do?
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