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  1. Over the past 2 days I have notice that randomly my cursor will jump to the top of the note while I am in the middle of typing for no reason. I have looked online and other people have the same issue as me. Most of the people seem to have the issue on windows. I however have the issue on a mac, and I am using evernote in google chrome, not the mac app itself. the app is just too slow. There doesn't seem to be a proper fix. Also people are saying that it happens every time the note autosaves. I don't know what is happening with me then because I can't even tell when the note autosaves, also I have not updated chrome or evernote or anything, it just started happening randomly. It has made evernote completely unusable. does anyone know of any solutions or have any alternative note apps I can use?
  2. this just started happening to me. I am running evernote inside chrome itself on a mac. it started happening to me 3 days ago, does anyone know of a fix?
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