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  1. Gotcha Jeff, thanks. The reason I was unaware is because I keep the left panel closed. I use the main notes area, my shortcuts (which are now gone), and search to get around. Once in a while I open up the notes list, but that's it. Anyway, I'd still prefer the old shortcuts vs all that space on the left panel. ):
  2. I prefer the toolbar myself. OTOH, shortcuts are sync-able between devices. Not sure what you mean by toolbar? Regarding shortcuts, how did you sync them (shortcuts on the bar)? I always took a screenshot (and ironically added that as a note), so that I could manually match them between home/work/laptop.
  3. This was easily my favorite and most used feature in Evernote. How is it even possible that they'd take this away (I actually just wanted it improved - sync'd between devices). I'm curious if I'm in the minority in using this (you sort of had to "find" it), or if they just guessed at the impact of this change... Regardless, +1,000 - bring it back. You just made your product much more frustrating (and put nothing in it's place - just blank UI). And related, can we downgrade to an older version?
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