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  1. Since the 6.9 Evernote update (direct, not thru App Store), I have lost multi-page PDF annotation capabilities and sometimes even single page PDF annotation capability. I have sent in a support request, which was addressed very rapidly (thank you!), and I was told that this is, in fact, a feature to protect my work. The tech let me to believe that it was always a feature and that my experience (which has been long-term, I assure you) was the bug. But it was a very useful bug to me, since I use EN to present college lecture PowerPoints which have been converted to PDF and loaded into EN expressly for annotation. I was hopeful, since the tech also told me the next stable release (presumably 6.9.1, which I now have) brought my "bug" back. Um... nope. Please bring this "bug" back! At least allow us to select the option "at our own risk." Now, to be fair, I do not recall doing any annotation immediately post upgrade to macOS Sierra, so I cannot pin this apparently re-enabled feature on the EN 6.9 update definitively. But still, my request stands: Please bring this back. Why can I do it on iOS and not on macOS? (Which actually might indicate its a Sierra issue.....) Many thanks.
  2. Thanks, Joe. Sorry I wasn't as specific as I should've been, but you've answered my question. Even after I asked it, I figured Skitch on iOS would accept input from any stylus, but I'm glad you clarified about palm detection, etc. I'm still interested in the Jot stylus because of its fine point, but based on your answer, the Bluetooth function on the stylus just wouldn't be necessary for Skitch work. No other comment necessary. Thanks loads.
  3. Hi, Joe. I'm really interested in the Jot Scribe stylus that's about to be released, but I want to use it to annotate PDFs in Skitch. Do you know if this will be a possibility? In any case, I guess its still a stylus, right, so still will be able to select tools and write. Just won't have the alternate input suppression, etc, which is featured in Penultimate. Thanks, Robb
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